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Saturday, November 25, 2006

Limited Edition Halcali

Something came up on the group's website about 3 limited edition Halcali tracks that will be available for download from the site.

Under the theme of 季節 (season), one song will be released every month, available for download that month only, starting on the 1st of December, followed by the next song on the 1st of January, with the last being released on the 1st of February.

The first will be a "powered up" version of the song Slalom '03: Queen of the Slopes from the limited edition Strawberry Chips single. Imaginatively retitled Slalom '06, it seems like the powering up (let's just call it a remix) duties have been done by Second Royal records' Handsomeboy Technique.

The next two releases have been given the tentative titles Halcali: New Year and Halcali: Valentine.

Although the site claims that the original Slalom song was a Christmas tune, I don't remember it being anything of the sort. It is great though. Perhaps Halcali recorded new lyrics for the song?

How we might get hold of these songs is still a bit of a mystery though. My best guess would be download from Sony for a fee. It should hopefully become a bit clearer on December 1st.


Slalom's out today, and you can listen to a bit of it after clicking on the blue link (試聴) on Halcali’s Sony site.

As for how to get hold of it, it looks like you need a credit card, 210 yen, and you’ll also have to download Sonic Stage, which looks like Sony’s version of iTunes.
With a Japanese test this Sunday, I'm busy trying to figure out why a word like 出来得る, even exists but I should be able to get hold of it early next week.
January's release, titled 2 Higher Clap 007 , is being produced by Cubismo Grafico.

Sister Ship

This months What's In? has a short (and by that I mean half a page) Halcali interview. Nothing much happens until the end, where they talk a little about LOOK's Hiroshi Nakamura produced b-side, Sister Ship. The article compares it to an eighties Madonna disco number, while Yukari says "it's more like a typical Halcali track- idiotic!".

If there's a guy who knows how to handle Halcali, it's Nakamura. It sounds like it could be another quality addtion to his already fine list of contributions to Halcali's song roster, and could sweeten the purchase for those of us dissapointed with the single itself.

Tuesday, November 14, 2006


Sora Kara was kind enough to upload the LOOK PV, which after a few viewings i'm tempted to put down as one of their best.

I'm still not entirely convinced by the song though, but if you're like me and you've always wanted to see Halcali spinning around in a little Rubik's Cube, I'd recommend this video to you 98%.

Sunday, November 05, 2006

Zipper (5)

Although they were absent last issue Halcali find themselves back in the magazine this month, modeling clothes from World Wide Love.

I'm usually at a loss with this brand anyway, but this clobber they've decked the girls out in this time is the absolute worst yet. A purple, 3/4 length jumper with silver leggings and a black and white spotted scarf. I can't even identify the material Haruka's leggings are made from, but I wouldn't suggest putting them in a microwave to find out.

Zipper, you are taking the piss.

The only plus that can be taken from this months shoot (the obvious getting your name in a widely circulated fashion magazine of course) is that they didn't chose these clothes themselves.

Those gurus of style (over substance?) kiiiiiii also appear.