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Monday, February 16, 2009

Valentine Gig Report

Take a look at this thread over at Halcali Sensation, and gilgameHEARTS report of Halcali's invite only Valentine's Day gig.

Scroll a bit further for the setlist. Their sets are still as impressive as ever, with a good mix of singles, b-sides and album tracks thrown together. It certainly shows the appreciation they have for their own music, and also an interesting willingness to take risks in playing those songs that not everyone will be familiar with.

To top it all off, they closed with Continued!

Then there is, of course, this


The Halcali girls are currently at work on their new album

I can't deny it, I'm excited :)

If you haven't heard their Valentine song Giri Chocolate, have a click back through the day by day archives here to find an live mp3 of it.

Reviews (11) Re: Yasashi Kimochii

Maybe "harmless elevator music" was a bit harsh.

Listening to it 5 times in a row (as I just have), does allow some of its charm to peep through, even if I can't escape the thought that, if this wasn't Halcali, I probably wouldn't have given it a second thought, let alone listen.

Yet, as has been pointed out by fans of the song both here and over at Halcali Sensation, the sound does seem to have matured. I think this gets to the heart of what I have been struggling with for a while though. While no one expects, wants or needs them to keep making Halcali Bacons their entire career, I think they have been 'matured' on to a point where many of the rough edges that gave them a lot of their earlier charm have been ironed rather flat.

Multiple listens show that there is nothing wrong with this song at all, but there's nothing really interesting about it either, just another airy middle of the road pop ballad sitting just the right side of average. Just right for a bit of mid-album or mid-set filler perhaps. And if you're wondering why the b-side (Orange Sunset) is so forgettable, look no further than its composer, Yusuke Tanaka, who graced us with Halcali's career worst releases Tip Taps Tip and LOOK.

I know that the chances of them getting another regular producer seem a bit slim, so I'll take my schizophrenic Halcali, faults and all. I'll do this because I know, I absolutely know, that their next killer tune might be just one single away.