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Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Real life taking its toll!

No one likes to read these "sorry for the lack of updates" posts, but here is one anyway.

Any new album, single, anything information you have about everyone's all time favourite Japanese band, please let us know!

According to an anonymous poster below, the album has been pushed back to autumn...any sources on that?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

nice to have you back!

5:47 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

thanks for the post. was worried you wouldn't come back.

7:28 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

i thought you let the halcali sensation do all the work!
welcome back!

11:47 AM

Anonymous julia said...

Well, it is kind of a sign of life, so I like to read them.

I will google for halcali news everyday.

8:41 PM

Anonymous sol_tama said...


I'm the maintainer of jmusic_subs (http://community.livejournal.com/jmusic_subs), a community on LiveJournal that focuses in providing subbed Japanese videos with both the romaji and the English translation, so that non-speakers of Japanese can understand the songs better.

As I was looking for a translation of Twinkle Star, I stumbled upon this blog and I was wondering if you would let me use your translation to sub the PV. Of course, I will credit this blog on the post and on the PV itself.

If your answer is positive, I would also like to ask you if I could use your translations again in the future, all with due credit of course.

Waiting for an answer,

P.S.: Sorry for posting this here, but since the Twinkle Star translation is a really old post, I thought it would be easier to reach you by commenting on a recent entry.

11:13 PM

Anonymous Novaforever said...

Yo sol_tama,

I don't know if this really matter to you or not, but I already subbed the Twinkle Star PV myself. If you want a copy of it I can give it to you. It was on youtube, but then I got hit with the banhammer for some of my subbed vids, so it never went back up again.

Lemme know if you want a copy of my subbed version.

1:19 AM

Blogger jariten said...


Yes you are free to use whatever you like from this blog (just link back to it!)

3:32 AM

Anonymous sol_tama said...

Thank you very much for giving me permission!

8:22 PM

Anonymous amj said...

HALCALI involved with new Nissan Cube CM:


Available via chuka uta, no CD release date set.

7:47 PM

Anonymous amj said...

CD single now scheduled for 23rd September.


9:21 PM


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