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Saturday, November 25, 2006

Sister Ship

This months What's In? has a short (and by that I mean half a page) Halcali interview. Nothing much happens until the end, where they talk a little about LOOK's Hiroshi Nakamura produced b-side, Sister Ship. The article compares it to an eighties Madonna disco number, while Yukari says "it's more like a typical Halcali track- idiotic!".

If there's a guy who knows how to handle Halcali, it's Nakamura. It sounds like it could be another quality addtion to his already fine list of contributions to Halcali's song roster, and could sweeten the purchase for those of us dissapointed with the single itself.


Anonymous amj said...

"Look" at No. 4 in the new NINKI today.


3:18 PM

Blogger jariten said...

well spotted!

4:36 AM


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