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Monday, February 16, 2009

Valentine Gig Report

Take a look at this thread over at Halcali Sensation, and gilgameHEARTS report of Halcali's invite only Valentine's Day gig.

Scroll a bit further for the setlist. Their sets are still as impressive as ever, with a good mix of singles, b-sides and album tracks thrown together. It certainly shows the appreciation they have for their own music, and also an interesting willingness to take risks in playing those songs that not everyone will be familiar with.

To top it all off, they closed with Continued!

Then there is, of course, this


The Halcali girls are currently at work on their new album

I can't deny it, I'm excited :)

If you haven't heard their Valentine song Giri Chocolate, have a click back through the day by day archives here to find an live mp3 of it.


Anonymous julia said...

I'm also excited!
Let's just hope it won't be an album with dreamy pop numbers as someone wrote on youtube.
But still, it IS Halcali!
I still wonder what they're going to do with ZigZag Saturday Night though?

12:46 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

yay! new album!
im liking this release pace theyve set with their last few releases.
very pleasing. :)

one more single then the album would do well for me.

and yeah...what about zigzag saturday night? next single? album material?
or doomed to never see a physical release like giri chocolate and those digital singles they did a while back.
i want physical copies of all of those!

4:16 AM

Anonymous johnny said...

i forgot to listen to that giri chocolate mp3 on valentine's day. epic fail!

i've only just listened to re: yasashii kimochi properly (i watched the video once, then forgot about it). i sort of like it. it's very sugary but still charming.

11:08 AM

Anonymous johnny said...

oh, and about that setlist--is 愛 short for 愛のために? that song is rad, easily a favourite.

11:13 AM

Anonymous Cobs said...

愛 is the magokoro covers track from the Halcali Mix album.

8:54 PM

Anonymous Hasuko said...

Giri Chocolate is sooo cute !!!! x3333 I LOVE this song ! <3
Can't wait for their new album !!!! =D

11:37 AM

Blogger Mokona said...

Eagerly awaiting that new album! I'll take anything I can get :D

Still on the fence about Giri Chocolate... cute, catchy, yet I feel like I should be doing the hula.

7:35 PM


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