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Friday, March 06, 2009

Halcali on Judy and Mary tribute album

Halcali appearing on this album has been news for a few weeks now, but what's interesting here is the amount of exposure this release, and of course our girls, is looking likely to get. To give you some idea about this, according to Bark, when these songs were released as chaku uta downloads after a promotion spot on Music Station on the 27th of February, six of the chaku uta top 10 downloads for that week were tracks from this tribute album.

Judy and Mary 15th Anniversary Tribute Album will be released 18th of March.

Here's the original version of Lucky Pool that Halcali will cover


Blogger ssslithe said...

Judy & Mary were amazing - one of the best pop bands ever.

I'm a bit sad at the way this compi's been put together, though. As far as I can tell, they're all Sony bands, including some brand new Epic signings who are obviously only on there for marketing purposes.

There are so many great bands who love JAM and would probably have recorded great covers. Surely Chara or GO!GO!7188 would have been more suitable than School Food Punishment or bloody Shigi.

Anyway, I should get my review copy soon. I can't imagine HalCali's version of Lucky Pool, but I look forward to hearing it! And Midori's Music Fighter even more so.

6:07 AM

Anonymous Patrick said...

Halcali are said to be on the upcoming Scha Dara Parr album "11"!


1:38 PM

Blogger jariten said...


ssslithe- I noticed the Sony bands too. A shame, but, just about what you'd expect from the label I guess.

2:05 PM

Blogger ssslithe said...

I got an advance copy of the album yesterday. Some of it's pretty good. HalCali's track is one of the standouts - it's not exactly danceable, but it's fun and very pared down. They've gone for a sort of dancehall thing.

Every artist is indeed Sony except for Ai Otsuka. Trying to figure out the connection. Usually Avex manage their artists inhouse, so the only thing I can think of is that she may be published by Sony. Not sure. Maybe they just wanted her on the CD - but knowing the way Sony works, I doubt it.

Midori's track is pretty disappointing, and MihimaruGT make we want to cut my ears off. Tamio Okuda and School Food Punishment do some interesting covers. It's quite varied, which is what a JAM tribute should be - unfortunately it's varied not only in style but also in quality...

4:10 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well I know that one of Otsuka Ai's drummers, Kohta, was the drummer for JUDY AND MARY. So that might be the connection.

4:55 AM

Anonymous Maria said...

^ The above comment is correct. Kohta toured with Otsuka Ai for her LOVE COOK tour and LOVE IS BORN 3rd Anniversary as well as playing drums for several songs and singles in that time span, and they're close companions. Because of that connection, Ai is friends with JUDY AND MARY and featured them in her B-PASS magazine section, "eye love pictures". Hope that helps!

5:07 PM


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