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Saturday, September 13, 2008

Long Kiss Good Bye mp3

Here's a rip of the live version of the upcoming Halcali single Long Kiss Good Bye taken from their performance of it at Girl Pop '08.

Long Kiss Good Bye

It's an mp3 rip of the live version (taken from this Naruto site), but the quality is terrific.

I'm saving my usual thoughts and impressions until a few more of us have had a chance to listen to it a few times and digest it. I'll tell you this though- it's NOT the weak Tip Taps Tip knock off we were expecting.

Give it a few listens, then let us know what you think!

Thanks to julia for the Naruto link and many thanks to gilgamehearts for the rip.


It's out! Here it is (albeit heavily edited) on Naruto.

Can't wait for this! Seriously, I haven't been this into a Halcali single for ages. The chorus sticks like bubblegum. OK, so it's has a bit of that anime theme tune predictability to it, and progresses pretty much as you'd expect, but I found myself listening to this over and over again, and because I like it this time, not because (as with Look and a few others) I was trying to like it.

By all accounts, the Ram Rider produced b-side is quality too.

Even those of you who aren't as impressed, would you place this over TTT and Look as Halcali's best anime tie in number?

Wednesday, September 03, 2008

New Halcali song Long Kiss Good Bye

According to the official site, Halcali’s new single will be, as you might have suspected, Long Kiss Good Bye and will feature as the ending theme song to the popular anime Naruto.

The song will play out the show every Wednesday on TV Tokyo from 7:30 to 7:57pm starting October.

The single will be released on November 12th.

The b-side, FLASH will be a collaboration with Ram Rider, who produced the final track on Cyborg Oretachi, Halcali Michi.

Although I’m hoping that this one won’t be the same watery and inoffensive elevator music Look etc. was it’s really difficult not to get a bit excited about this. It’s a NEW HALCALI SONG! for one, and those are becoming a rare thing indeed. Naruto’s audience is massive, which will open them up to new ears and give them great promotion, and, oh go on then, I think this song is going to be their best single since ____________ (you can fill that blank in yourself. I’m sticking with Twinkle Star for the time being).

Actually, any chance of this being a re-titled version of that awesome song they played in Chicago, Zig Zag Saturday Night? Probably not. That song sounded good enough to stand on it's own two feet anyway.

Two fingers tightly crossed that Long Kiss Good Bye is going to be a good one.

Thanks to sora-kara!

UPDATE: According to CD Japan, it's a "love ballad", and first pressings come with stickers.

Hang on a second...

Love ballad (CHECK), first pressings come with stickers (CHECK), being used as the ending theme tune to an anime (CHECK).

Are we absolutely sure they aren't just re-releasing Tip Taps Tip? I mean, seriously girls, didn't we go over all this three years ago?

To tell you the truth, once again I'm more excited about the b-side than the main event. Halcali Michi has grown on me a lot over the last few months, and hopefully FLASH will be something special too.