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Monday, April 21, 2008

Happy birthday Haruka!

Who turned an impressive 20 years old today (21/04)! Old enough for alcohol in Japan, but not quite there yet for America, so watch out at Anime Central!

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Halcali play free Tokyo gig/4th album teaser!

Halcali will play a free outdoor gig as part of the Tokyo Midtown Showcase on May 4th. The show will be held at 2:00pm in front of Midtown Vision (presumably a giant TV screen?!).

On their profile on the Midtown official site, after mentioning all their recent (Europe) and upcoming (America) activity (including stating that the French version of Cyborg Oretachi was released over there in February- except to my knowledge it still hasn't been released), they end by saying,

At the same time (as all this activity) they are working on recordings that will go towards their 4th album.

Considering we've been totally dry of any new recording/release information for what feels like ages now, this is great to know!

Thanks to Patrick for the reminder!

Sunday, April 06, 2008

Pictures from Springroove

Last night (5th) Halcali played a set at the Springroove 08 festival, and the official site has updated with pictures- including a few of H and Y.

We might have to wait until someone over at 2ch posts a setlist to know what they played, but as you can see from the pictures (take a look at the 'attractions and audience' bit at the bottom too) the event was absolutely massive.

Some more great exposure for Halcali no doubt, but the rest of us are still drumming our fingers impatiently waiting for a few new songs. It's now been about 10 months since It's Party Time, and the gap isn't getting any shorter!

UPDATE: According to Yukari's blog, they played a 30 minute set. Still in the dark about the set-list though.