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Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Girl Pop Factory 08 Setlist (with new song?)

Halcali performed at the Girl Pop Factory 08 event in Tokyo last Sunday (3rd), and someone posted the set list up on the Halcali thread over at the Japanese BBS 2ch (Beware of 2ch by the way, there is a lot of very not safe for work content floating around).

Assuming this is correct (1. no source is provided 2. 2ch is a notorious troll-fest) this set was a classic, again mixing crowd pleasers with obscurer, high quality old material including my much loved 80's synth pop tribute Ni Fuku Sei from the limited edition Strawberry Chips single.

You probably couldn't help but notice a new song in the midst that isn't Zig Zag Saturday Night. As recent diary entries have hinted, they seem to be hard at work on new material and I love the idea that they're taking them out and giving them a road test in front of these types of crowds. Let's assume it's true for now- why not? The Twinkle Star rumour from ages ago turned out be to accurate at least.

ギリギリ・サーフライダー (Giri Giri Surf Rider)
二福星 (Ni Fuku Sei)
若草DANCE (Wakakusa Dance)
スタイリースタイリー(Stylee Stylee)
Long Kiss Goodbye
春狩道~19の夜~(Halcali Michi)


Setlist confirmed


OpenID gilgamehearts said...

"Long Kiss Goodbye"??? :O :O
Judging from the position in the setlist and the title name: slow/ballad? If it's anything like スタイリースタイリー then HALCALI has won my heart again!

Well, I'll be seeing them at Spoon Market DU/O8S, so hopefully I'll hear it there and you can hear a report straight from the horse's mouth, eh? :)

10:13 AM

Anonymous novaforever said...

Hmmm Long Kiss Goodbye? Sounds like a slow song to me. What an interesting surprise!

I hope that they got a good reception at the show. They were going up with a lot of big names there. It'd be easy for them to overlooked for other performers. But it could also prove to be really good publicity for them. Hope it works out well!

4:29 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Off-topic, but another HALCALI clone? This time by Sony.


6:34 PM

Blogger jariten said...

gilgamehearts- Please do!! We'd all love to read it.

anonymous- Interesting find, thanks. I guess Sony are trying to churn out another younger, more magazine ready (i.e boring) Halcali with those girls. That song is awful though. Remember Do-nuts? They were another Halcali facsimile from a while back. Wonder what happened to them?

3:57 PM


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