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Saturday, September 13, 2008

Long Kiss Good Bye mp3

Here's a rip of the live version of the upcoming Halcali single Long Kiss Good Bye taken from their performance of it at Girl Pop '08.

Long Kiss Good Bye

It's an mp3 rip of the live version (taken from this Naruto site), but the quality is terrific.

I'm saving my usual thoughts and impressions until a few more of us have had a chance to listen to it a few times and digest it. I'll tell you this though- it's NOT the weak Tip Taps Tip knock off we were expecting.

Give it a few listens, then let us know what you think!

Thanks to julia for the Naruto link and many thanks to gilgamehearts for the rip.


It's out! Here it is (albeit heavily edited) on Naruto.

Can't wait for this! Seriously, I haven't been this into a Halcali single for ages. The chorus sticks like bubblegum. OK, so it's has a bit of that anime theme tune predictability to it, and progresses pretty much as you'd expect, but I found myself listening to this over and over again, and because I like it this time, not because (as with Look and a few others) I was trying to like it.

By all accounts, the Ram Rider produced b-side is quality too.

Even those of you who aren't as impressed, would you place this over TTT and Look as Halcali's best anime tie in number?


Anonymous Novaforever said...

As always I'll reserve judgement until I see a video with a high quality version of the song (although that rip was pretty good!), but I think we might have their best anime song ever at the very least. I'm really REALLY excited for this single now!

2:12 PM

Anonymous julia said...

I agree!
I don't even like anime but I can actually see this as an ending song.
Here's the live performance:

4:11 PM

Anonymous SSSITO said...

pretty kewl so far =) .. and yes . Video sil vous plait ...

9:54 PM

Anonymous johnny said...

i don't know if i should listen/watch now and possibly spoil it, or wait for the official PV. quandary!

7:39 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

^just do it now!

i was just listening to the song when i ran over here. hahaha

so far, its a bit poppier than most of their stuff, but its pretty good.
its sweet and still has some of that halcali flair.
im interested to see what differences will pop up in the studio version.

im very much looking forward to this release!

3:58 PM

Blogger ssslithe said...

Disappointed but not surprised. This is exactly the sort of thing HalCali do worst, since their singing voices are grating at best and their actual talents are not tapped even remotely. I could fall asleep to this.


6:12 AM

Anonymous TaKe said...

I am in love with this after I 1st heard to this song...
Totally looks forward to its ending video in NARUTO Shippuuden...

12:57 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Heya :)
I figured it can't hurt to tell you:
HALCALI has two other upcoming lives I forgot to mention (because I can't attend two of them xD):

"Kyoto Music Festival 2008" on 9/22 in Kyoto

"BINGO BONGO SOUNDS" on 11/15 in Fukuoka

and tonight is "Spoon Market DU/08S"! SO excited for. :D

4:52 AM

Blogger jariten said...

ah...jealous :(

Have fun! Be sure to report back after the gig

6:28 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

No, not "Long Kiss Good Bye". No, not "Zig Zag SATURDAY NIGHT".
"FLASH" maybe? :o
I am going to blog about this and give you the link in a bit, but I had to let you know the great news: HALCALI is full of fresh material!

1:59 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

SO, here it is on my japan blog:

It'll be more in depth tomorooooow.

5:47 PM

Blogger ssslithe said...

This comment has been removed by the author.

3:33 AM

Blogger ssslithe said...

The gig last night was amazing; easily the best I've ever seen them. The girls were on top form, the set was super-tight, the sound was great and for once they'd come on stage a few hours into an event, giving everyone a chance to get drunk first.

As Gilgamehearts says, they opened with a new song, which sounded like 'Ongaku No Osusume' material - really cool rap verses with a fairly strong sung chorus. Yucali raps the first verse and Halca raps the second verse. No idea what it was called.

They also played 'Long Kiss Goodbye', which really is a stinker - even the girls looked bored. But everything else was perfect. At the end they danced off stage to The Ting Tings' 'Great DJ'.

Went to say hello afterwards and was amazed that they remembered tiny details from the last time we met, a year ago, like what T-shirt I'd been wearing. Those girls must have superhuman memory skills.

Incidentally, Tokyo Pinsalocks were also fantastic, as they always are. Check them out if you have a chance!

3:35 AM

Blogger jariten said...

Thanks for the reviews guys. I'm Trying to find the time to get my thoughts on LKGB up, but I'm pretty into it so far.

4:09 AM

Blogger ssslithe said...

By the way, I managed to take a few photos of their show before feeling the familiar tap on my shoulder... Maybe I can upload one somewhere.

7:48 AM

Anonymous Hasuko said...

Ow this new song is pretty great ! ^_^ I was waiting so long for new Halcali's song ('cause i never could listen to "zig zag saturday night" ;_;)
But i agree with those who say that Halcali change a bit its sound, but even if their old songs' sound is missing me a bit, i think their new songs have something great too, especially when they ad electronic sound in them, i really love it =) And the great RAM RIDER with collaborate wih Halcali for the b-side "FLASH" ??!!!! O_O OMG ! I'm in heaven !!! /o/ Ram Rider is a god for me =B
Thx for the new ! ;)

11:17 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

thanks! and looking forward to listening ; )

8:44 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

YO! I just got back from the other HALCALI live: FOOT MARK vol.3

This one, all of the artists had 3 song sets (too short), except for Nakamura Ataru because he/she was the main guest and GAKU-MC because he is the host and creator.

Anyway, the setting was very different for HALCALI. It was a full, live band, no DJ. KiMJUN was not there (sadness. all around). Their songs were arranged very differently, it was really cool to hear. It was like, brand new mixes.

They played:
Long Kiss Good Bye

And I died, because it was so good to hear スタイリースタイリー live.

Anyway, I'll make a report tomorrow. It's very late and I have class.

BUT! I got to hang out with the two of them for about 20 minutes afterward. And Yucali told me the new song they played a few days ago WAS "FLASH" the b-side.
And I'm happy, but a little sad, because this should totally be a double a-side single. That song can TOTALLY stand on it's own.

This single is going to be amazing.

AH! Also, I HAVE Long Kiss Good Bye PROMOTIONAL ART! It was one of the leaflets from the live.

HERE: http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v353/e.v.o/4cc3fc41.jpg

Sorry, no scanner, and shitty lighting in my tiny apartment.
Halca is looking good but can someone please tell me what is going on with Yucali's face? She looks like a chubby 2nd grader that beats up the other kids for their lunch money.
Hopefully this isn't the single's cover.
Anyway, PROGRESS! :D
As i did before, I'll post the review and my conversations with HALCALI in "http://japanthony.livejournal.com/"

5:28 PM

Anonymous julia said...

er, what's SUTAIRISUTAIRI? and I like Yukari's look. I wonder what she would say if she saw your er, kind comment...

3:05 PM

Anonymous julia said...

it doesn't hurt writing in romaji too, not everybody understands japanese. I can't see what you're writing and I can't even install japanese. I've tried.

3:08 PM

Anonymous julia said...

last bitter comment:
I hope that's the single cover too.

3:13 PM

Anonymous julia said...

their voices has been computer-generated.

I'm shocked.

1:53 AM

Anonymous julia said...

I dunno what I think right now.
I just got so shocked.

But I think I like it.
I kinda hesitate when I hear One Two right after I've listened to the recorded version.

3:10 PM

Anonymous julia said...

Well this will be heard by many Narutonerds ("This ending owns the ending 6 >,>").
It sounds great.

But please, no more anime endings.

3:20 PM

Anonymous julia said...

Okay I totally changed my mind. It sounds dead good.

4:11 PM

Anonymous julia said...

I wonder what will happen with Zig Zag Saturday Night though...
Will it be on the third album?
I hope so.

4:20 PM

Anonymous sss said...

pretty kewl !

9:34 PM

Anonymous Cobs said...


Girl Pop Factory 2008 torrent featuring HALCALI (and Perfume)!

9:16 AM

Blogger ssslithe said...

Just listened to the song on the Naruto ending. Still hate it. I really hope it's not on the album, since I already wore out my stereo's skip button with some of the songs on Cyborg.

I also hope that someone explains to them before their next US tour that "KY" has a different meaning there than in Japan...

6:22 AM

Anonymous julia said...

I just read some... damn stupid comments.

some idiot wrote that Halcali are clowns. another one wrote that they're not hiphop.

But the comments were stupid written so I don't care.

Just some people who don't know what they're talking about.
(excuse my english if there's failures, I'm tired)

What does KY mean?

1:36 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

>What does KY mean?


5:52 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

When is this single going to come out????

5:58 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Single is out:

9:18 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

This song works really well with the time frame Naruto is in...
I dont want to give away any spoilers obviously, but if you watch the show I'm sure you can figure out what I mean.

12:01 AM

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