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Sunday, April 06, 2008

Pictures from Springroove

Last night (5th) Halcali played a set at the Springroove 08 festival, and the official site has updated with pictures- including a few of H and Y.

We might have to wait until someone over at 2ch posts a setlist to know what they played, but as you can see from the pictures (take a look at the 'attractions and audience' bit at the bottom too) the event was absolutely massive.

Some more great exposure for Halcali no doubt, but the rest of us are still drumming our fingers impatiently waiting for a few new songs. It's now been about 10 months since It's Party Time, and the gap isn't getting any shorter!

UPDATE: According to Yukari's blog, they played a 30 minute set. Still in the dark about the set-list though.


Anonymous Anonymous said...


Would love to see the videos of there performance.

But it has been too since a new song was out, and I am starting overplay the old ones.

1:37 PM

Blogger Jordan CC-raw :D said...

Damn they look so cute in those hooded top-skirt combos. I love the blue-camo print tops. Niiice.

Direct gallery link:

1:34 PM

Anonymous Patrick said...

Halcali will play a free live show outdoors at Tokyo Midtown on 5/4!

Details here:

Will I finally get to see them after all that time? :)

4:31 AM

Blogger jariten said...

Jordan- Thanks for the link

Patrick- If you go, and they let you take pictures, please take a few!

8:26 AM


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