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Monday, November 21, 2005

Candy Stripped on Mixi

If you cast your minds back, you might remember a post about Halcali appearing at a fashion show. Well, what with Shakalabbits and some guy from Glay Djing (as well as our girls on stage of course), tickets sold out in record time and I was left out in the cold again.

Luckily though, one of the more fortunate H and Y fans chose to put up a bit of information about the show on a Japanese community website called Mixi. It's one of those vaguely annoying clique sites that only lets you join if you've been invited by another member. Although honestly, it's just like a Live Journal in Japanese, albeit with what feels like a stronger contingent of artists and musicians kicking about on it. Anyway, the mysteriously named a t only posted scant details, but he included the set list.

1.Baby Blue
2.若草Dance (Wakakusa Dance)
3.新曲1 (New Song 1)
4.新曲2(Tip Taps Tip)(New Song 2)
5. (Ai)

5 songs probably equaled about 30 minutes, which seems brief but considering the packed line-up it's about what I was expecting (they played a set of similar length at the GirlPop Factory gig a few months ago.) The poster didn't know the name of the 3rd song, but it'd be a safe bet to presume it was either Pisudori or Halcali 'n' Bass.

There's another gig soon too, CD Data magazine's Xmas Party on 21st December. It's on a weekday in Tokyo, so again i'm not going to be able to make it. It looks like being another short set though, as like before they'll be sharing a multiple act bill.

Hopefully all this live activity will culminate in Halcali headlining again. We might have to wait for the release of the 3rd album for that though.


Anonymous qazmonster said...

You never know, an appearance on Utaban, Hey!x3 Music Champ, Utaban, Music Fighter, Pop Jam, or CDTV could be right around the corner.

However (this may sound a little pesimistic) I think it might have to wait until their next single is released, or the album. Seriously though, when Girigiri Surfrider was released, they got spotlighted everywhere.
Do you guys think Tip Taps Tip will be big enough?

I have to go check out what else is being released at the oricon website... If competition doesn't include such groups as L'arc, WaT, Tokyo Jihen, Morning Musume, BoA, etc. Maybe Halcali will get some attention.

It better be soon though because a week later Utada's new single comes out. After that, all hell's gonna break loose... (plus Christmas is around the bend). TTT does sound a little more Christmas-season related though, at least more than Girigiri or Tandem. Oh well, it's late.


10:48 AM

Anonymous sora-kara said...

They're going to have to be very smart about marketing in order to compete.

In other news. halcali.com has official been taken over by Epic records.
It's got a lovely new TTT layout.

Go. Go check it out.
It's lovely.

9:03 PM

Anonymous qazmonster said...

Wow, that's sweet. Apparently they need to do mor work though. Their discography is somewhat lacking...

3:35 AM

Anonymous qazmonster said...


12/21 CDでーた presents X'mas PARTY出演決定!
2005.12/21(WED) 川崎CLUB CITTA'
OPEN 17:30/START 18:30 ディスクガレージ 03-5436-9600(平日12:00~19:00)
料金:3,500yen(ドリンク代別、整理番号順) チケット発売日:11/11

This looks interesting!

3:36 AM

Blogger jariten said...

Sony have clearly invested a fair amount into this band to clean them up and generally make them more marketable. Although TTT wont be a monster hit, it should do fairly well. The TV, magazine, radio and live stuff they're involved in should help. They'll never match BoA for record sales, but they aren't even in that league, so theres no danger of being swept aside there. I get the impression that Sony has started again with them, a year and 3 months is more than enough time for casual record buyers to have forgotten about them.

One positive thing about this "grown up" Halcali is that they've managed to move out of Rip Slymes long shadow. Whereas before they were rarely mentioned without being referred to as some Rip Slyme eccentric side project, now the label switch has given them a bit of space to breathe.

12:17 AM


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