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Thursday, November 17, 2005

Still no news from Tokyo

H and Y's previously quite enjoyable Buzz Room diary hasn't been updated since Yukari's bit of trouble three weeks ago. So what's going on?

UPDATE- It's back up. Does this mean we're getting two diaries, Buzz Room and OS?


Anonymous qazmonster said...

i just saw the tip taps tip promotional video!
hold on, let me watch it again before i comment!

8:39 AM

Anonymous qazmonster said...


3:26 PM

Blogger jariten said...


1. where did you see it?
2. share the wealth?
3. any good?

You get the jist, lets have the lowdown.

9:49 PM

Anonymous qazmonster said...

hehe, so greedy.
i got a avi version (70mb) and a 170mb MPEG2 version, i think i know which one you guys want!

11:50 PM

Anonymous qazmonster said...

i'm not going to give my opinion and impact anyone else yet, i'll let you guys see it first, then we should have a discussion...

*currently uploading to yousendit*

i got it via japanese sharer.

11:54 PM

Anonymous qazmonster said...


MPEG2 170mb ....Enjoy? ;)

12:09 AM

Anonymous whiskeyspider said...

The file is only 146 Mb and QuickTime won't play it. Did it work for anyone else?

12:29 AM

Anonymous qazmonster said...

what a disappointing response.

actually the file is 149.803 MB!

12:48 AM

Anonymous whiskeyspider said...

It says 146.29 at the website.

12:53 AM

Blogger jariten said...

I’m at work right now, so I’ll take a look when I get home and put the link up etc. Looking forward to it...

did you manage to download it alright?

1:09 AM

Anonymous whiskeyspider said...

Yes, no problems downloading. QuickTime says it doesn't recognize the format.

1:26 AM

Blogger axl99 said...

You guys try using Windows Media Player? Worked for me.

[Weird vid..... The stuffed birds bit was creepy...]

3:57 AM

Anonymous whiskeyspider said...

Ah man, I have to use Windows in order to watch it? This better be worth it.

4:07 AM

Anonymous whiskeyspider said...

Whoa. In a word: different.

4:46 AM

Blogger jariten said...

OK, now i'm excited. 1 hour till I get out of here, then i'll be able to take a look.

5:14 AM

Blogger rachael said...

the cover of the single is up at hmv too:


5:52 AM

Anonymous qazmonster said...

this feels like coutdown to a new year!

7:48 AM

Anonymous sora-kara said...

the pv link is blocked.
can someone please re-upload it?

3:58 PM


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