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Wednesday, August 03, 2005


...although after reading the site, i'm not feeling quite as much regret anymore. Looks like Halcali were given a bit of an elbowing down in the set, although perhaps it is a bit much to expect them to rank higher than the likes of Puffy and Tommy Heavenly 6. Here's their 6 song set

Marching March
Giri Giri Surf Rider
Strawberry Chips (Remix (?!))
Wakakusa Dance (feat. Utamaru (so he was there?))

To anyone who's able to watch cable, the gig will be broadcast on CS Fuji TV 721 on the 4th of September, from 11pm until 1am. It'll also be on terrestrial, although as to when, the only information the site offers is a rather unhelpful "2005".


Anonymous Brian said...

Hey I hope you are having fun in Japan-if you get the chance,go and see a film called Linda.Linda.Linda-it looks great!

8:10 PM

Anonymous Jamie mereness@mindspring.com said...

Thanks for keeping us updated on Halcali, I live in NYC but learned about them on a Puffy fanpage. I am a huge Puffy fan (every album, almost every single, six videos, tour t-shirts...) but am now becoming a huge Halcali fan. I got their two albums, remix album and DVD last week, and I don't want to listen to anything else right now. Now I have to search out where to get all their singles. I wish I was in Tokyo so I could get cheap used CDs in Shinjuku. But then again, August in Tokyo, mushiatsui, ug.

12:49 PM

Blogger jariten said...

brian- hmmm...I might give it a whirl.

jamie- the heat here is something else. I'd certainly postpone a trip here until after it's died down. and yeah, Halcali is an ADDICTION. Fingers still crossed for some new activity soon.

11:34 AM


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