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Thursday, September 15, 2005

Candy Stripper

As they announced on BUZZ FM last night, H and Y will be gracing the stage at the Candy Stripper 10th Anniversary Party. The event will be held at ageHa in Shinkiba, Tokyo on November 20th this year. It’s lucky they mentioned it on the show though, as following up the three obvious leads for more information led to three dead ends. There’s nothing on either the Halcali site, the Candy Stripper site says “we’re selecting the acts now, stay tuned!”, and ageHa has zip to say either.
What information I could get hold of sounds odd to say the least. Apart from Halcali, Fantastic Plastic Machine is also confirmed, as is (deep breath) a fashion show highlighting Candy Stripper’s “spring collection 2006”. All of which sounds like it’s going to add up to another early evening, short set from Halcali like their last two gigs. While I’m not thrilled at the prospect of Halcali being put on in the warm up slot again, I certainly don’t think that placing them directly alongside the fashion world is a misstep, or even a surprise. It can hardly been seen as an incongruity from a band who’ve gone hand in hand with style (though never over substance) since Tandem.

UPDATE- The Candy Stripper site has been updated. Shazam!

Entry 4,200 yen (all standing, w/one drink)
Open 4pm/ Start 5pm
Acts SHAKALABBITS/HALCALI/meg/noodles/FPM/ "and more"

The tickets don't go on sale until October 15th.


Anonymous helcaraxy said...

lol, spammer.


thanks for the news, jariten.

it is great that they're doing another show (no matter how strange the production is).

i was just wondering, is this really going to be a concert or are halca and yucali just going to entertain fashion-goers/-viewers?

it really sounds weird. "Candy Stripper 10th Anniversary Party", is it a SHOW or a FASHION SHOW?



1:57 AM

Blogger jariten said...

The spam is getting annoying. This is about the 10th one i've got. Blogger has a spam blocker but its kind of a pain...bleh.

it really sounds weird. "Candy Stripper 10th Anniversary Party", is it a SHOW or a FASHION SHOW?

Info is sparse at the minute, but i'm guessing its both. The trouble is that I really can't imagine how its going to work. Half gig half fashion show just doesn't sound like something that could work out. And why is it on a Sunday?

5:41 AM

Anonymous helcaraxy said...

Nice, they will be performing with SHAKALABBITS, a good mix.

The artist list makes it soundslike a music show. :)

I wish I could be there...

If only I could see Halca and Yucali dance live, if only, if only, if only.........

3:17 AM

Anonymous helcaraxy said...

Jariten, this is in response to your earlier post about Boowy's B.BLUE.

Boowy - B.BLUE
MP3 @ 192kbps.

4:45 AM


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