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Sunday, November 06, 2005

Spot the difference

Image hosted by Photobucket.comImage hosted by Photobucket.com

Here are pictures of Halcali and heavily MTV rotated hip-hop flumps The Heartsdales. Halcali's picture is the one on the (??????).


Anonymous sora-kara said...

Wow....the similarities are unsettling.....(even the straight hair on the left, the curly on the right)
but at least HALCALI's make-up doesn't make them look like zombies.

*she's gonna frikkin' eat me!*

5:42 AM

Blogger jariten said...

i've just been thinking more about where halcali are being taken. I wrote a post the other day where the best thing I could say about the band i'm writing a blog about was "maybe the b-sides will be good". Have you heard the Heartsdales? Halcali aren't like that yet but it looks like they're going to be all tamed and polished up(check out Yukaris make up). What i'm worried about is that their original charm will be lost.

6:08 AM

Anonymous Brian said...

They look TERRIBLE! *sob*

10:57 AM

Anonymous beck said...

I'm not going to pass any judgement until I hear this new single, but...

11:30 AM

Anonymous whiskeyspider said...

They do look terrible. Not more mature, just covered in make-up. (*cough* H on the R *cough*)

3:11 PM

Anonymous whiskeyspider said...

L, I meant. It seems their insistence on H being on the L transcends even this metamorphosis.

3:18 PM

Anonymous qazmonster said...

it is important to note that these girls were grouped when they were young and their level of marketted sex-appeal won't exactly be the same as other artists and performaers. Maybe their fashions, makeup PLUS clohing will change into the more dressy stuff, in an attempt to gain AS MUCH ATTENTION as possible, whether they care about music... or publicity.

Maybe some people understand what I mean by this.

PS, i think H is usually on the left because she is taller and Y is relatively short.

1:43 AM

Blogger jariten said...

it is important to note that these girls were grouped when they were young and their level of marketted sex-appeal won't exactly be the same as other artists and performaers

Without wanting to open a can of worms about the Japanese music industries marketing of younger J-poppers, I think anyone with a cursory knowledge of the subject will know that even dangerously underage performers get marketed as sex objects. Halcali escaped this idol trap as their whole original bag was that they weren't idols, they were (for want of a better word) 'street', like you and me, like any of the kids I see kicking around Nagoya saturday afternoon. They constantly bemoaned of critics using that word to describe them in interviews. Thats why all this talk of a new GROWN UP Halcali is getting to me. Why remove from H and Y what was an essential part of their original charm? Well, because Sony want to sell more records. It was a transition as inevitable as night following day.

PS, i think H is usually on the left because she is taller and Y is relatively short.

I think you're right.

5:10 AM

Anonymous qazmonster said...

Yeah, I mean that they were chosen young and most people start out young but they weren't any maki goto or Berryz or etc. type of collaboration... It's only now that they might have to start pushing the sex-appeal because the hip-hop boom occured in the 90's with groups like East End x Yuri and now that hip hop has been replaced with "visual" pop like Otsuka Ai, Koda Kumi, etc. it is a different era... more like a different fad. Not that I really know all that much to be a critic.

Anyway, I was wondering, you guys:

t is your favourite Halcali song? What about favourite PV?

Personally I like Girigiri Surfrider the song and I really like the PV. Halca can really get the groove and move herself and Yucali is so funny with her facial expressions of pure folly and her foot shuffles during the duo scenes. What do you guys think?

6:47 AM

Anonymous Brian said...

What about favourite PV?

Strawberry Chips does it every time for me-Great song,hilarious Xmas tree suits,and some of the silliest dancing ever commited to film-last Christmas that PV was on my television every time I had friends over-happy times...

11:56 AM

Blogger jariten said...

The first few times I saw that video, I thought they were Oni (traditional japanese demons) not xmas trees...anyway after Tandem thats probably the best. Marching March is good too, shotgun marriage and all.

12:18 PM

Anonymous Brian said...

I haven't seen the PV for Marching March,but it's my least favourite Halcali single.Highway to the Beach is so much better.Have you seen the bonus clip on the Halcali DVD-the one where they cut up the Strawberry chips PV and synchronise it to a mad Techno beat?-funny!

12:56 PM

Anonymous whiskeyspider said...

Tandem is the best video, by far -- distantly followed by Giri Giri Surfrider, but the others don't do it for me. I agree their hiphop dancing is really tight in Giri Giri, unlike Baby Blue in which their dancing is so utterly terrible it ruins the whole thing for me. Tandem is so deep, lots of things I didn't notice until my 50 or 60th viewing.

5:50 PM

Blogger Ray Mescallado said...

I just found out about your blog - it's great to see one devoted exclusively to Halcali. I keep a feed aggregate for English-language blogs about Japanese music at http://www.feedofpop.com/ - I already put you up as a link, but it'd be great if I can include your feed as well, try to get your blog a wider audience. If interested, e-mail me at ray@mescallado.com.

Oh, and my favorite Halcali PV (and song) is "Marching March" - I like how the martial arts competitors were the gang girls from "Giri Giri" and the unexpected twist at the end.

10:08 PM


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