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Friday, November 18, 2005

What's In?

There's a brief interview with Halcali in this months issue of What's In? magazine (issue 222). It's a fairly straightforward interview, but it's got a few interesting bits and pieces in there. I imagine that the magazine appearances are going to increase over the next couple of months along with the TTT promotions.

-This is the first release we've had in a while. It's been, what, 1 year and 2 months?!

Yukari We're skating on thin ice I know, I'm sure everyone's forgotten about us! We're sorry to have kept you waiting, but we have something to reward you with.

Haruka- Yeah, the new Halcali!

- What were your first impressions after hearing Tip Taps Tip?

Y "This doesn't sound like Halcali". It felt more like a 'proper' song. The flow of the rapping felt different to how we've done it before too.

H I thought "Oh, Halcali are singing now..."

-What was that "oh"? Excitement or apprehension?

H A bit of both, I think. But when we were working on the demos I thought "you know, this is a really good song". I'm happy we could put out a song like this.

-The lyrics were written by U, but what themes are you singing about here?

Y Broadly speaking i'd say the themes were 'risk', 'adventure'...

H Or 'challenge', something like that. Fairly heavy stuff for us.

Y The working title for the song was 'nazo nazo' ('riddle'). So more generally speaking, there's the theme of the song; having a riddle and figuring out it's solution. The title Tip Taps Tip refers to 'ashibumi' (marching on the spot).

H So really it's about the fact that everyone has these riddles, these things in their life that need solving. The theme is 'don't give up until you've done it, don't be afraid of failure'.

Y I guess there's a lot of different messages in the song. Even though we've always said "there's no message in Halcali"!

- So you're saying we can experience the 'Halcali with a message' now?

Y Yeah. RYO-Z always had fun with the lyrics and wrote them in interesting ways, but I feel like U actually had a message to get across. That's why I thought "this is so different to what we've done before".

- If you compare the lyrics to what you've done before, they seem really adult.

Y That's good to hear! We're 17 and 18 now, adults! You can even see it with the rapping in this song too. It still feels genki, but also more laid back and relaxed.

- You're declaring the arrival of the new Halcali then?

H/Y Yes!!

- Let's talk about the b-sides. 'Pisdori' is a cute song.

Y The title is a mix of the words 'peace' and 'dream'. Like the title implies, it's the kind of song that makes you think 'peace', you know. Images of the blue sky come to mind, that sort of thing.

- What about 'Halcali 'n' Bass'? This is the first time you have written all the lyrics yourself right?

H Yeah, we thought it was time we tried it ourselves.

Y The theme of it is just what we feel is happening with us right now, taking the next step up, moving on and so on. I don't know whether we overreached ourselves with that though! We wrote it together, but we were always going off on tangents. We were arguing like "no, not like that, that's not right!". But we really tried hard with it, and everything on Tip Taps Tip. So go on everyone, check it out!


Anonymous sora-kara said...

Thanks for that. ^_^

heh. I like how even they weren't sure of the new sound in TTT. *made me laugh out loud*

And I'm interested to see what the lyrics they wrote are going to be like. ^_^

*is looking forward to this single more now :)*

4:41 AM

Blogger jariten said...

I agree. I like the sound of the 'cute' Pisdori (The title just doesn't work in English though...) and the H and Y penned 'Halcali 'n' Bass'. Are you glad you didn't cancel your pre-order now?!

8:55 AM

Anonymous Brian said...

Not that I would ever have cancelled my pre-order hehe...
Anyway not long til we can judge for ourselves.

12:37 PM

Anonymous qazmonster said...

Thanks, this article was inspiring.

8:53 PM

Blogger jariten said...

It might surprise you to know that I didn't come up with the questions, I just translated what they wrote. I thought a few points were interesting enough to make it worth the effort.

1:09 AM

Anonymous qazmonster said...

Of course. IS this the complete article?

2:02 PM

Blogger jariten said...

Of course. The whole thing barely took up a page at the back of the magazine. No article, just the interview.What are you sugesting?

Anyway, please direct any complaints here so that I can have a decent go at answering them


9:51 PM

Anonymous qazmonster said...

Haha, sorry, have I sounded hostile. In no way did I mean to. I think "IS" was supposed to be "Is."

It might surprise you to know that I didn't come up with the questions, I just translated what they wrote. I thought a few points were interesting enough to make it worth the effort.

I thought you meant that only part was translated, not ALL of it, therefore I asked...

I hope that clears things up :).

I really appreciate the translation! :)

11:13 PM

Blogger jariten said...

It's cool, don't worry about it! i've got a tendancy to be over defensive about these things anyway...! I'm glad you liked the translation.

And I really do appreciate all the stuff you, brian, sora-kara, gira and everyone has sent my way. If we put all our heads together we should be able to keep this blog as a good source of Halcali information for everyone who cares about this band, who despite a slightly rocky re-start are still (I think) the most promising j-pop band out there.

11:44 PM


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