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Friday, November 18, 2005

Tip Taps PV/Artwork

It comes as a huge, audible sigh of relief that neither the cover to the new single or the PV share any connection to that Sunday morning anime the song has been tacked onto. It looks like that promotional nonsense has been contained to the stickers that are going to come with the single.

I'm still unsure about the song itself. It's vocoder opening is beyond awful, but on the whole there's just something inherently flat and listless about it. It's nice, yes, but doesn't it kind of sound like the b-side to the single we were all waiting so anxiously for?

The PV though, now this is something else. What on earth it's doing attached to Tip Taps Tip is beyond me, it's almost the opposite of the song it's promoting. This is thoughtful, different, imaginative, y'know all those words that you wanted to use to describe Tip Taps Tip but couldn't? It doesn't make the song suddenly good, naturally, but it does kick your mind back to that off kilter Halcali you fell in love with last year.

I've never really brought up H and Y's appearance before, but after that horror slap job their make up artist did on Yukari in that new promo shot, it's another relief to see how great they look here.


The old link expired, but I have the PV and i'm happy to share it. So if you'd like to see it, just leave a comment.

Also thanks to rachael for the alert about the cover being up.


Anonymous Brian said...

Dead link,but great news regarding the PV!

8:13 AM

Blogger jariten said...

Take a look at the new link I just put up in the meantime. It should give you a good idea of whats going on.

8:37 AM

Anonymous NiHL said...

What should I say.. haha.. I'm a fan of the Sunday morning anime.. and only through them did I get to know HalCali.. anyway.. I'll check back to see if the 170mb pv is coming up anytime soon =)

12:13 PM

Anonymous qazmonster said...

Here is the HQ Version again:

Link 1:

Link 2:

7:59 PM

Anonymous sora-kara said...

thanks a boondle qazmonster!

*downloading right now*

I actually really like the cover.
Their hair is soo crazy! ^_^

4:43 AM

Anonymous sora-kara said...

*I can't get the video to play......
No player I have will do it (RealPlayer, Windows Media Player, Winamp, DivX)......none of them will play it.

Anyone know why?

5:17 AM

Anonymous Patrick Calahan said...

VLC plays it for me.

8:11 AM

Blogger jariten said...

I opened it with wmp. Is anyone else having problems?

8:52 AM

Anonymous Brian said...

Wouldn't play for me either.

12:51 PM

Anonymous whiskeyspider said...

It wouldn't play for me on a Mac using either QuickTime or WMP or RealPlayer. But on Windows it played using WMP.

5:00 PM

Anonymous sora-kara said...

for those who can't get it to work:

I downloaded this player:
and it worked for me. Try it. ^_^

*im not sure what to make of the video though.....they look very cute, but it's all just a little bit strange....but not strange enough to be Halcali....*

8:45 PM

Blogger jariten said...

It's definatly not the cute pre-Epic Halcali. It looks like they thought serious song- serious video. I like it though, esp. because it wasn't just a quick Eureka 7 cash in. Theres something about the video that sticks in the mind after its finished, which is something that I can't say for 95% of the other PV's i've seen recently. Anyway, i'm glad you could open it, and thanks for providing that link!

1:06 AM

Blogger Peter said...

hmm .. seems the yiousendit limit was reached ...

and i have not even gotten to the song yet :)

12:58 PM

Blogger jariten said...

It's been reposted again in the comments box in the post above. Take a look!

9:44 PM

Anonymous Laura said...

I'd like to watch it but the links you post on comments expired :(

10:37 AM


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