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Friday, September 08, 2006

Halcali's Shopping Show

Things seem to be moving again, hopefully towards something resembling a new release. Halcali have two gigs lined up, and although neither are Halcali only shows (I can’t remember the last gigs they played alone since the Girl's Only gigs back in 2003), this kind of activity is always good.
Halcali should feel at home at the Hip Hop meets Pops event Hips in December. Although I'm not familiar with the most of the acts they'll be playing alongside (2BACKKA?!), I know enough about nobodyknows+ popularity to know (sorry) that the gig should go the way of the last two Hips events and sell out. Not even the steep ticket price (4,200 yen!) can deter the Hip Hop meets Pops fanbase. No, those kids are hardcore.

GEISAI is stranger. It's not a gig at all, rather a venue for thousands of would-be artists to display their work, discuss, and hopefully sell a few of their creations. While it's easy to picture Halcali at Hips, it's less easy to see their place at an event that tags itself “For more communication in the art world”.

It looks like they won't be doing anything as obvious as singing anyway. No, we get Halcali's Shopping Show instead, where they'll be asked to wander around the hall and each pick out a piece of art from an exhibition that catches their eye ("What will they unearth?!") and buy it. Their appearance on the main stage runs only from 3:30 until 4:00, which might mean they have all morning to find something then introduce it on stage, or (and I'd prefer this) it might turn into a daytime TV gameshow type affair where they only have 15 minutes or so to run around, buy something, then come back and push the big red button before the time on the giant overhead clock runs out.

Either way, it sounds almost suitably Halcali-ish in its oddness. The site claims that 10,000 people are expected to attend, so they might get a few people interested at least. The entry fee is cheap enough (1,200 if you buy a ticket before, discounts for students etc.) that I’m sure they’ll get a few people turning up just to see them.


Anonymous sora-kara said...

What an odd event.
I do like your game-show idea. :P

Ten bucks says one of the buys a picture of a giant hamburger.

8:16 PM

Blogger jariten said...

Whatever happens, I hope they get some pictures of it up on their blog.

11:33 AM


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