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Friday, May 26, 2006

Halfby goes to a major


Halfby has left Second Royal records for the much bigger and presumably plushier arms of Toy's Factory. Last years Green Hours lp still kills me even several hundred listens later, and the usual concerns about whether a move to a major constitutes a compromise to the sound will be addressed when he releases his first single on the label, Screw the Plan, on July 26th. I wonder why he chose Toy's Factory? They have such a weird mash up of artists on their roster, from Sonim and boring old Mr. Children on the Japanese side to indie boy favourites Mogwai and Ted Leo and the Pharmacists on the other! I personally would have sent him off to Sony, if only to get him back in the studio with Halcali. (Information from Chipple)

Before I forget, I was surprised to see Halcali's blog at number #7 on Sony's popular artists' blogs list. It must be all those pictures of their fingernails that they keep posting.


Anonymous Novaforever said...

Hah! Halcali's blog is really that popular!? I mean, i do check it everyday, but still... wow. I guess none of thier huge name artists have blogs.

On a side note: I love Sonim. If Halfby gets to hang out with her I feel it'll be worth the move.

7:27 PM

Blogger jariten said...

I actually quite like Sonim too. I still have pretty vivid memories of a song she did with Ee Jump years ago.
I suppose i'd just like to ask Halfby "why?". Second Royal was a label with soul and character, Toy's Factory just feels like another faceless major with a random list of artists on their books.

7:40 AM


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