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Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Halcali vs. ???

Why have we waited so long for this?

I actually came across these a few months ago on a Beastie Boys message board, but by that time the You Send It links had already died, and I was left wondering not only what on earth a H and Y mashup could possibly sound like, but also what technology was required to do it myself? Because honestly, a fight between Halcali and The Locust seems well overdue.

Before that monstrosity comes to light though, thankfully the maker has uploaded the Beastie Boys/Halcali mixes onto The Earth Goes Round. Get them quick, the blog carries a "available for a short while only" warning. I love the Strawberry Chips/Oh Word track. I had almost forgotten just how sweet Halcali's Christmas song is.

Are these really the first, the only Halcali mashups in existence? Aren't there piles of Halcali songs just sitting around waiting to be smashed to bits on some kids computer?

(Once again, a million thanks to Patrick!)


A couple more things have cropped up.

Lilday has made some j pop fan mixes that contain remixes of some Halcali. They're doing the rounds over at jpopmusic.com.

Meanwhile, the elusive ARossThaBoss mashed Giri Giri into Daft Punk's Human After All.

They're great. Listen.


Blogger Craig said...

Nice find *will download immediately* :)

4:18 PM

Anonymous sora-kara said...

Hey! Some of those remixes are pretty fun. ^-^

Hey look! I found some pictures of the girls at the 2006 MTV Japan Music Awards!
Picture 1
Picture 2
What happened with them their?

8:35 PM

Blogger jariten said...

Good find. They played at the pre-show, so I guess the invite extended to the main event.
Nice to see them getting some time in the spotlight.

6:38 AM

Anonymous CaffeineNicotine said...

Dude, thanks for the info. I had actually messaged the original poster on the Beastie Boys website, but I guess he hasn't checked his mail in a while.

5:57 AM

Anonymous lilday said...

I've made several halcali fan mixes. would you like me to link you... actually i'll go ahead and show you
its lots of them in there my name is m_c_mac on there btw.

6:47 AM

Blogger jariten said...


Thanks for the link. I'll add them to the blog when I get a spare minute.

7:35 AM

Blogger ARossThaBoss said...

I actually did a Halcali/Daft Punk mashup back several months ago. The vocals from Giri Giri Surf Rider (a "bootleg" version I made through Audacity, they sound pretty good to me actually) are mixed with the instrumental from Daft Punk's Human After All. I kind of conceived it as a Girl's Version of "Heartbreaker" from the Teriyaki Boyz, since that song samples Human After All as well. Please download it and let me know what you think of it.


6:37 PM

Blogger ARossThaBoss said...

The "elusive" haha, I like it! I visit here pretty often, but rarely ever post :( shame on me, I know! I have commented on something before, I think I went by the name BadAndy311 though, probably. Anyways, thank you so much for putting my link up! I hope everyone likes it!

2:20 AM


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