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Friday, May 26, 2006

O.N.S. Mk.2

Sora Kara was gracious enough to provide us with great scans of the art of the re-released Ongaku No Susume album. I went into my ideas on the hows and whys behind the re-release back when it happened (here too), and none of it left much of a nice taste in the mouth. For Life will maintain it was to mark the 100,000 sale of Susume, but it seemed to coincide eerily with the whole Nagi Noda/pakuri debacle. While something obviously wrong about a well known artist blatantly stealing another, lesser known artists work and trying to pass it off as her own, who among us can say that there isn't also something obviously wrong about those disturbing things that grace the new cover? Thankfully, things get a little more professional inside, but the cover art just seems horribly rushed. Presumably the lawyers came knocking.

Again, a million thanks to Sora Kara for taking the time to scan the sleeve for us.


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