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Friday, May 26, 2006

MTV countdown show aftermath

They finished the MTV gig on the 23rd, which was put on as a warm up for the Japan Video Music Awards taking place on the 27th. For those with no access to cable, MTV have put up a few photos and a live report of the gigs over on their website.
This is the Halcali section of the live report. Coming from the MTV site itself, it reads a bit like a press release so of course it's hard to judge exactly how well the gig went from reading this but it does give you some idea of what happened.

最後にステージに登場したのはHALCALI2人。肩肘張らない自然体のHALCAYUCALIがステージに現れると、会場はまるで友達同士のパー ティのような親密なムードに。脱力系の振り付けを踊りながら、“ギリギリ・サーフライダー”“エレクトリック先生”とヒット曲のメドレーで畳み掛けてい 2人。終始ステージでも笑顔で、当の本人たちもライヴを心から楽しんでいることがひしひしと感じられた。

Halcali were the last group to come out on stage today. Looking totally natural and relaxed, as soon as they came out on stage the mood of the place changed to something that felt like a private, intimate party that Halcali were putting on for friends. Going through a series of what looked like exhaustingly choreographed dance sequences, they went first though Giri Giri Surfrider and Electric Sensei before pressing on with a medley of their hit songs. Even as the last act of the day their smiles didn'’t fade, giving us the impression that they were really enjoying their time on stage.

That medley part sounds strange, making me think they were stuck on at the end with another 20 minute set. What could the medley have incorporated? Strawberry Chips flowing into Marching March flowing into Baby Blue! flowing into Tip Taps Tip flowing into Twinkle Star?
There was a negative review of the gig posted on the Japanese BBS 2Ch that made a reference to the girls looking like they were singing their own songs in a karaoke box. The rest of the review was so over the top negative that it just sounded like the guy was Trolling for responses, but isn't that the place where singing medleys belongs? Honestly, who on earth thought that just giving people scraps of songs in a high profile gig of this type was a good idea?

Still though, we can't say no to Halcali getting shows like this, and it's good to see that they haven't given their old songs the boot yet.

MTV also posted 3 photos from the gig here. It looks like they defiantly sang Tip Taps Tip at least.


Blogger Jordi said...

I think one thing to keep in mind is that the unmoderated nature of 2ch makes it easy for many trolls or "semi haters" to let it rip about their least liked band. I think with a band like Halcali, it doesn't really matter how they sing the song since the energy in a live like theirs is always the best part.

6:52 AM

Blogger jariten said...

I never take 2ch seriously, like you said its unmoderated and at the mercy of trolls and whatnot. It sometimes comes up with some good stuff though (remember the record sales for Halcali post a while back?) so I still check every now and then.

7:41 AM


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