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Tuesday, August 22, 2006


No Zipper photoshoot this month, instead Halcali are featured in two fashion magazines, SEDA and Jille.

Although the photos in SEDA came with brief interviews with the girls, they were predictably light on new recording information (although when asked about what enjoyable things they had done recently, Haruka mentioned recording with live session musicians in the studio) and heavy on nail polish, cafe and sneaker information. You can't make it out too well in the shot, but Yukari's sneakers have Yucali printed on the side. "A designer friend made them for me. I was embarassed to wear them before, but from now on I'm just going to forget about that and wear them as much as possible". I'm not sure what to make of that, but if she does manage to work up the courage to walk about in trainers that have her own name printed on them, I suppose we can just chalk it up to a piece of pop star indulgence and leave it at that.

With the new album/single/anything (presumably) looming though, these appearances in nationwide magazines are always going to be a boost.

The first shot is from Jille, the rest are from SEDA.


Anonymous Patrick said...

They're not in Zipper this month? I wonder if it's the end of their regular piece.

Btw, did you know of my Agenda: Magazine?

8:06 AM

Anonymous lilday said...

hurray for being in something. I'd be embarrased to wear shoes with my name on them if i was her because i'd want to keep a low profile. ^_^

11:44 AM

Anonymous sora said...

They look adorably fun as usual. :P

Too bad the girl weren't in Zipper this month though...Koda Kumi was on the cover...I'm sure the issue will sell quite a bit.

11:54 PM

Anonymous Novaforever said...

Ooo yay an update!

I really hope they mention what they are recording soon. We've been hearing the murmurs about it for a while now. And the suspense is killing me!

6:50 AM

Blogger jariten said...

Patrick: Yeah it's a good addition to Chipple. I'm not sure about Zipper now, it could be that the cover marked the end of their regualar spot. They're still in a small section near the back, but no photoshoot.

lilday: I remembered that Haruka has a hat with her name on it too. I thought it was odd mostly because it seemed to contradict the fairly humble way she used to come across in interviews. Although I also sort of get the impression that shes started to fancy herself a bit as she gets older...but who am I to judge etc.

I'm still drumming my fingers waiting for some actual NEWS too.

We know that both I Dep and Fantastic Plastic Machine are def in as producers, but the first blog about going into the studio came months ago, and still nothing...

9:10 AM

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