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Tuesday, November 22, 2005

New Renewal Open

The old page has gone. The new Epic page is here. Things are good. The layout is better, it's much easier to navigate now, and it looks like this one is actually going to get updated. Parts of it still sit unfinished; both the links page and the blog are empty, and there's still a strange lack of Baby Blue! from the discography. Actually, I kind of got the impression that Sony are trying to hide the old Halcali away. You have to click on a tiny link to view the bands back catalogue.

Those are minor gripes though. By far the most interesting addition to the page is the Halcali mail magazine, which promises up to date information delivered straight to your inbox. It sounds great, and if all works out it should become a regular translation spot on this blog. You need to register with Sony first, but it's free.


Anonymous Patrick said...

I can see the new site fine here!

Maybe you need to empty your cache?

8:39 AM

Blogger jariten said...




it seems i'm still computer illiterate..!

9:04 AM


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