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Tuesday, November 29, 2005

I Was A Teenage Diary

Looks like Halcali have started their Sony blog. I lamented the loss of the BBS on the old site, but whereas that thing came with a rather offputting Halcali do not post on this BBS! warning, this does give you the feeling that there's a bit more room for Halcali -fan interaction (although whether they'll actually respond to comments or not remains to be seen). This first one is about the new PV, and includes a picture of Haruka sat in a box. Charming!

Something else, quickly-
While I know spam comments will be blocked, I wonder if they'd delete, say, a negative comment on Tip Taps Tip?

Something else, quickly (2)-
When Yukari said "check back everyday" she meant it. She made another post already, about their appearance on Tokyo FM's The Rhythms.


Anonymous qazmonster said...

I bet that if anyone writes in English: 1) They will be entirely ignored, or 2) That fan will receive a very enthused response in broken English sayings "Thanks for love of Halcali!"

Let's go see... (*actually waits for a response from the Halcalism blog members)

9:13 AM

Blogger jariten said...

All the comments so far are along the lines of "I saw you live! Love the new song!". Anything else doesn't quite feel in the 'spirit' of the blog somehow. You should definatly post a comment if you want though, i'm sure people would get a kick out of knowing there's Halcali fans outside of Japan.

1:39 PM

Anonymous qazmonster said...

I'm tempted to ask about their song that they wrote themselves but maybe they won't give away any secrets...

11:48 PM

Anonymous Patrick said...

Regarding spam comments, NOMIYA Maki's blog is full of spam trackbacks and comments, and no one seems to care of cleaning it up.

12:46 AM

Anonymous qazmonster said...

Oh my God, have you guys seen their blog!? Go right now!! There is a new post with pictures!! Go right now: http://blog.sonymusic.co.jp/halcali/

9:10 AM

Anonymous qazmonster said...

Oh, ........somebody....... just left a comment on their blog! :)


9:18 AM

Blogger jariten said...

Regarding spam comments, NOMIYA Maki's blog is full of spam trackbacks and comments, and no one seems to care of cleaning it up.

I just assumed that they had some kind of anti-spam feature in place, but perhaps not...it'd be a shame if it gets hit with spam bots.

And whos this Tim character?!

11:41 AM

Anonymous qazmonster said...

I'm Tim but it looks like I got totally blown off. T-T;

2:27 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

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