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Monday, June 23, 2008

Details on the France 'Music Day' gig

As I wrote about here, on the 20th and 21st of June Halcali played at the Japan Culture Centre in France, and Excite put up a short piece about it. Here it is, along with my translation.

HALCALI フランス「音楽の日」を沸かす


東京都目黒区出身のHALCA(ハルカ)とYUCALI(ユカリ)の2人組ガールズヒップホップユニット HALCALIが、現地時間の6月21日、フラ ンスで開催の「音楽の日」において、日本文化会館(300人収容)に徹夜組みも含む600人の観衆を集め、満員札止めの大盛況を博した。

アンコールを含め90分のライブで、観客は全員総立ち、熱狂した聴衆がステージに押し寄せる一幕もあり、終始大きな盛り上りを見せた。シカゴの「アニメセ ントラル」、NYの「JAPAN DAY」、今回の「フランス音楽の日」と一連の海外サーキットを終え、次作アルバムタイミングでの、日米欧ツアーへ手応えを掴んだメンバーは、帰国後、楽 曲制作へと戻る予定。目黒区から世界へ飛躍して行く彼女達に今後も注目!!

Halcali heat up Music Day in France.

Coming from Meguro in Tokyo, Haruka and Yukari of the female hip hop unit Halcali performed at the Japan Culture Centre on the 21st of June as part of the 'Music Day' event. The gig was a massive success, with around 600 fans gathering, some waiting outside all night, to try to get into the 300 person capactity venue to watch Halcali perform.

Including an encore, they played a 90 minute set to a crowd who were wildly enthusiastic from beginning to end. After performing around the world with stops at Chicago, New York and now France, Halcali are set to to keep the momentum of this success going by heading straight back home to immediately begin work on songs for their next album.

Today Meguro, tomorrow the world- these girls are ones to keep an eye on!

Great article, and another new album teaser!

More thanks goes to Patrick for the link!

UPDATE: amj links us to this article on the gig over at Barks, which claims that the new album will be out before the end of the year! Which, considering that Halcali albums are usually preceded by a slew of singles, would certainly be bucking the trend.

As one of the problems I had with the last album was it felt too single-heavy, I really hope this is true. I'd much prefer a pattern of a couple of singles, the album, then maybe another single soon after that.

This part of the article threw me a bit though:


After the gig a long queue of people formed to buy the CD. There was a huge rush to get Cyborg Oretachi, which went on sale in Europe in February, signed by the girls.

I was under the impression that this elusive European version (with bonus tracks! Remember that rumour?!) still hasn't been released...


Anonymous novaforever said...

Good for HALCALI! A line during the night to get into the theater to see them!? I wish some of the American fans here had that much passion!

I hope some of the Parisian fans who read this blog will post some pictures for the rest of us!

8:58 PM

Anonymous amj said...


8:06 PM

Blogger jariten said...

amj- Thanks! (and sorry for this late response- I really do appreciate all the information you've supplied me with. Patrick too (if you're reading!)!)

1:51 PM

Blogger Fabrice said...

Hello Halcali fans!

I went in MCJ in order to see Halcai in Paris! The two concerts was incredible! Haruka and Yukari were so fun and cool. they succeed to move some old peoples in the theater ( only members of MCJ was allowed during the first show and most of them were 50 and more^^).

Well it was fantastic!

We ( Halcali no sekai) took a pretty cool photo of them.


My Cyborg Oretachi


And two vidéos from us!^^

One of them is only in french sorry.



Fabnol: member of Halcali no sekai


8:28 PM


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