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Monday, June 23, 2008

Girl Pop Factory 08 / Densetsu No Futari to be used in movie

A couple of good bits of news on the good exposure for Halcali front.

1. Halcali are set to perform for the second time at the Girl Pop Factory event at Zepp in Tokyo on the 3rd of August alongside the likes of Koda Kumi and Perfume. It will certainly be interesting to see them alongside that other techno-pop girl group; astute fans will easily be able to find numerous similarities between the two. With heavy chart hitters like Kumi on the bill, expect a big crowd and some good exposure for Halcali leading up the (hopefully very soon!) new single release.

2. Halcali are no strangers to having their songs close animes, but now the Ongaku No Susume track Dentetsu No Futari will feature as the ending theme song of the film Jersey No Futari, which opens in Tokyo on July 19th. Expect to see hundreds of people leave the cinema thinking "what was that amazing song at the end?" before heading to their local Tower to find out more :)

Here's the trailer:

Here's a link to page at Nippon Cinema with information on the film and the trailer with the Halcali song playing on it. Can't wait to see it! (Thanks to anonymous for this!)

Thanks to Patrick!


Anonymous Patrick said...

No one can beat you at writing things up so nicely. :) I really hope that you'll take the task of news writer at halcalisensation.com, assuming they're serious about making a great fan site.

2:00 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

The trailer for Jersy no Futari with HALCALI actually playing on it is here:


2:42 PM

Blogger jariten said...

Patrick- Thanks!

anonymous- Thanks for the link! I'll put it up

1:53 PM


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