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Thursday, February 28, 2008

Official site confirms Halcali for Anime Central

We've known about this for a while, but the official site got around to posting about it today


Halcali have been confirmed as the main guests at the huge Japanese culture festival Central, which is being held in Chicago from May 16th to the 18th, where they will be performing live.

Here are the girls on the Anime Central page. Read the blurb, it makes the band sound incredible! It's a bit odd that the official site describes what seems to be a solely manga and anime related festival as a 'Japanese culture festival' though.

Hopefully some of you will be making the trip to report for those of us who can't make it!


Anonymous Novaforever said...

I'll definitely be making it, so I'll be able to report stuff on it later. I've got my reservations and everything, unfortunately the hotel it takes place in was filled up really fast.

Also: It turns out that I won one of the Cyborg shirts that they were giving away if you sent in the postcard from the album! I guess they just mailed them out really late? I'll take some pictures later for everyone. It's a really odd shirt!

3:45 AM

Anonymous gilgameHEARTS said...

I regularly attend Anime Central each year, so I will be seeing them and reporting back.
(I'm dying with anticipation!)
As for Anime Central, it is mainly manga & anime related, but there is every aspect of Japanese culture there, so calling it a 'Japanese Culture Festival' is a little bit misleading, but not untruthful. :)

5:14 AM

Blogger jariten said...

novaforever- sorry for this late reply. Please, post pictures of the t-shirt if you can! We'd love to see it.

And to you and gilgamehearts- looking forward to the reports! I wish I could make it...

2:35 PM

Anonymous jim said...

Sharing a stage with Kayne!?


6:16 AM

Blogger Jordan CC-raw :D said...

Oh god why don't they come to the UK.

11:28 AM


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