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Thursday, March 01, 2007

Round Up

1. Look at the new picture on the official site. GO ON.

2. A (possibly) interesting piece of information was buried in a recent Sony mailout. Lights, Camera, Action! is now available for Chaku Uta download to your mobile phone (Japan only, sadly). Nothing too out of the ordinary there, except that it's available as a 'Minna version' (presumably the version from the anime) and a 'RAP version'. Is it possible what we got on the anime won't be what makes it to CD? 'RAP version' does imply like it might be substantially different to the original. Don't forget too, that the press release originally described L,C,A! as a 'house track', which the song on the anime certainly isn't. (Thanks to sora kara for posting a reminder!)

3. A bit of live information. First, Halcali are playing another of those limited to 300 people (which equals 150 tickets) radio station (Osaka's FM802) jump through hoops to get in special events. It's sponsored by McDonald's, which seems like a decent reason to boycott it (not like I could get tickets anyway). The gig is on the 14th of this month.

For something a bit more straightforward try Loonie Party Vol.2 on the 27th of May, where they'll be playing alongside Insist, Takacha, Limelight and Loonie (who'll be headlining). No, I haven't heard of any of those bands either.

4. Halcali's blog changed it's design to match the official site's New Single colours.
Yukari writes, mysteriously- "It's not only the design that's changed, but the content too".
Does this mean no more pictures of their nails or what films they've seen recently? It's probably meant to be tongue in check, she starts the blog by listing a dictionary definition of the word 'renewal'.

5. Poster ssslithe recently had the fantastic fortune to interview our girls for UK based publication Neo, set to be released March 29th. This should hopefully lead to the bit of decent exposure that's been an extremely long time in coming. Apart from this and that issue of Chimpanzee, is anyone aware of other instances of Halcali making it to print in the English press?


Anonymous Anonymous said...


Never thought that they'd be featured in Neo Magazine. I've been buying Neo mags since it started back in December 2004. Anime, Asian Cinema, Manga, Games, Music and basically everything to do with oriental world..... and sushi, what more could you want.

Neo mag is definatly a good place to get some much needed exposure to UK.

I actually first heard of Halcali through "The Adam & Joe Go To Tokyo Show". So even a small publicity in UK can make difference.

I will definatly buy that issue if halcali is in it. That reminds me, its Thursday and March 1st. Need to go out and buy the new issue of Neo.

: )

3:23 PM

Blogger ssslithe said...

Thanks Anon! I love writing about music for Neo - I get pretty much free reign.

Will be rewriting the interview for The Japan Times and probably one or two British websites over the next few months running up to the album, so keep 'em peeled... There was loads that didn't make it into Neo cos we had well over an hour, so each one should be pretty different.

Is that Osaka radio gig actually in Osaka? Or in Tokyo? Ikitai...

3:38 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yeah, I saw HALCALI on Adam and Joe Go Tokyo all that time ago too ^^ makes a difference!

8:28 AM

Anonymous sora-kara said...

i know there was a tiny blurb about 'bacon' in 'newtypeusa' a few years back. that's how i heard about them.

they were also featured in shojo beat sometime last year.

i'll scan the blurbs sometime this week for you guys.

4:48 PM

Blogger jariten said...

I assume it's in Osaka, since that's where the radio station is based.

sora- if you can get those scans, we'd love to see them!

5:35 AM


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