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Monday, January 22, 2007

Halcali on Getsumen Mina (finally)

novaforever was good enough to upload Lights, Camera, Action! to Youtube, as it features over the opening credits to late night Fuji TV anime Getsumen To Heiki Mina.

Before we get too carried away picking this apart, bear in mind that a) This is, of course, only a preview and B) LCA! will just be Tougenkyo's b-side, and as a late night anime catered to a fairly specific crowd, it's unlikely that anyone will be expecting this song to carry the single in terms of it's chart success.

With that said, while I wasn't exactly set alight the first time, after only a few listens it is starting to grow on me, and I already like it more than LOOK.

Even so, there has been this strange 'middle of the road/ho-hum' feeling hanging over Halcali's recent work, and it's been there ever since the label switch. It was there on Tip Taps, it was really there on LOOK, and here again we have this almost wimpy verse/chorus combination that, while pleasant enough (and again let me say it's growing on me), could it even be called memorable? For us who are, no doubt, going to be pouring over these 1 minute and 19 seconds of new Halcali until Tougenkyo is released- yes perhaps. But what about everyone else? The sales figures for their last two releases have shown us that if Halcali do have a fanbase (and I know they do), it's relatively small.

Is this song going to be any more than just a second rewrite of Tip Taps Tip? I seems to linger in that same "well, it's OK I suppose" corner.

Hopefully the 'rock song with a full band' tune Tougenkyo will produce something a little more forceful and memorable.

But still, it is only a brief snippet of the finished product, and a snippet of the b-side at that.

Did we really need another "keep on and you don't stop" though?


Blogger johnny said...

this show looks weird.

right now i like the song alright. probably as much as i liked look and sister ship. i really, really want tougenkyo to floor me though, the way twinkle star did. twinkle star completely annihilated me.

10:18 AM

Anonymous novaforever said...

Ooooh I so hope that Tougenkyo is a new Twinkle Star. But I suppose we'll see. It's still like another 2 months wait for that right?

Haha, I feel like they are trying to make 'and you don't stop' like thier catchphrase or something.

12:35 PM

Anonymous WhiskeySpider said...

Terrible. I miss the old style. Why are they singing in monotone voices? Why is the music so insipid and forgettable? I'm not looking forward to a more "rock-oriented" single. I want another Tandem. (Sorry for being so negative.)

12:53 AM

Blogger jariten said...

Don't apologise for being negative!

Something that struck me as odd actually, was that the press release described this as a 'house' track. Of course press releases often exaggerate, but how could anyone put this song anywhere near that genre?

8:03 AM

Blogger Heywood Mogroot said...

One thing to remember is that the j-pop market is kinda imploding . . . ELT's Hi Fi Message, a reasonably good song, only sold 23K. . . they (the band) probably lost money on that single.

4:04 AM

Anonymous sora-kara said...

Oh, the third download exclusive song is out now.
It's called Girl Girl Girl.
The preview is...interesting...

*at first glance I read Giri Giri Giri :P*

7:37 PM

Blogger jariten said...


It's good to get some more news, considering the new singles out in a few weeks, things have been quiet with Halcali the past few weeks.

8:26 AM


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