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Thursday, April 06, 2006

The Chimpanzee

Love Like Pop's Rachael Kuan has an article on Japanese hip hop (Hold Out For The Teriyaki Boyz) in this months issue of The Chimpanzee, which also includes a section on our two favourite popstars.
Print articles in English on Halcali are few and far between and all should be welcomed with two open arms. Rachael's article serves as a great introduction piece to the group and should hopefully help to push Halcali's western infiltration that one step further.
Whenever something in English comes up on this group it always raises the obvious question- exactly why haven't they received a release in Europe or the U.S yet? Can anyone think of a reason why, say, a Best Of wouldn't sell to the same group who bought that Polysics compilation, or, even better, the first Plus-Tech Squeeze Box album? With the likes of Fantastic Plastic Machine and Supercar behind them, all they probably need now is a small supportive push from Sony in the right direction.

Download The Chimpanzee ( Chimpanzee_5_lores.pdf)


Anonymous Novaforever said...

Ooo i'm excited to see the English speaking interpretation of Halcali. I feel like they would do really well here. Thier wacky pop-rap is just the sort of thing that would appeal in England and America to a niche audience. Too bad they couldn't be more popular in Japan... heh.

3:59 AM


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