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Monday, February 05, 2007

Here you go...

Originally I was left feeling non-plussed and ho-hum about these download-only tracks after listening to the thirty or so second samples. They just didn't sound like much.

Well, turns out I was wrong. I mean, really, really wrong. After the past year or so of long waits ending in disappointing singles, anime tie-ins and the general feeling that Halcali's potential was being wasted by their new label, it's these songs that reminded me why I started this blog in the first place.

All three are a lot of fun, but right now I'm leaning towards Cubismo Grafico's 2 Higher Clap as my favourite. It's got that same spark that Twinkle Star and Tandem have; all handclaps and sing along choruses. Which makes me wonder- why couldn't we have got this instead of LOOK?

I mean, what a waste. Why has all of this bands best material been relegated to b-sides and obscure projects like this? well, at least we've got it now. It hasn't always been easy to say this about Halcali over the last few months, but I can say it with confidence now-


1. Slalom 06 (December. Produced by Handsomeboy Technique. This song is a re-write of Slalom 03: Queen of the Slopes that originally appeared on the limited edition Strawberry Chips single)

2. 2 Higher Clap 007 (January. Produced by Cubismo Grafico)

3. Girl! Girl! Girl! (February. Produced by Nakatsuka Takeshi/Lyrics by Nomiya Maki)

Limited Edition Halcali


Anonymous Anonymous said...


Thanks alot mate.

Your the best!!!

11:54 AM

Blogger Dylan said...

Awesome work posting those songs, I am a huge fan of Halcali. Since you seem to be the foremost source of Halcali info, in english, i was wondering if you were in any way privy to their tour information? I will be in Japan in october of this year, and would love to see them if they are playing. Keep up the good work.

7:37 PM

Blogger jariten said...

Apart from a show they played at New Year, a lot of Halcali's gigs recently have been sponsered by radio shows and the like, which means that generally people had to call into the show and try to win tickets, and even then Halcali were only ever a small part of the line up (usually 3 or 4 songs in a 20 minute set).
However, with the new album coming out this summer, depending on Sony's promotion (which hasn't always been great), we might get a full national tour or at the very least a couple of headlining shows in Tokyo or Osaka. I'll post any information as soon as I get it.
Glad you guys liked the songs!

9:47 PM

Anonymous novaforever said...

Yay! Thanks so much for sharing the songs. I can't wait to listen to these! You made my relatively crappy day so much better.

Thanks tons!

10:26 PM

Anonymous johnny said...

totally sweet! thank you for posting these. i've listened to them a couple of times each, and while i haven't fallen in love, i'm definitely smitten.

11:12 AM

Anonymous fantastipo said...

thanks so much for posting the songs! i am still going to try to find a way to buy them later tho :D

1:47 PM

Anonymous cobs said...

Thanks for the files, At the moment I prefer Slalom 06, although the original is one of my favourites anyway.

1:54 PM

Anonymous sora-kara said...

Thanks so much!
yaya! Im really enjoying these tracks. ^_^

Hopefully, because Sony is so stingy on studio time with their artists, they'll do what they usually do and add most (if not all) of their b-sides and odd recordings onto the album.

But hey, if we get all new album b-sides that are as good as the single b-sides we've been getting lately... :D:D

I just really hope we'll be able to get some hard copies of these songs sometime.

7:57 PM

Anonymous Yatenkaiouh said...

Thank you so much for uploading the songs! I was really worried I'd never hear them.

8:19 PM


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