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Friday, September 29, 2006

New single!

New single!!

It's called LOOK!!

It's out December 13th!!


Here's what the press release tells us.

1. It's their first single in 10 months.

2. The song will be featured as the theme tune to the Japanese version of the popular (is it still popular?) American animation Powerpuff Girls, which has been renamed Powerpuff Girls Z for Japan.

3. Early pressings will come with a DVD (details here) featuring the video to the song Gatochou, which they recorded for the show Takeyama Teacher.

So Sony are taking the Tip Taps Tip route again, and attaching the song to an anime.

Based on the amount of (American version) PowerPuff Girls merchandise that's already on sale in Japan you might have assumed that the show would be popular enough in it's currant format to warrant a straight dubbing of the American version, instead of turning it into a the same cliched, dime a dozen magical girl anime, a hundred identical versions of which are already available on a hundred different channels.

It also strikes me that the marketing of this band is, once again, all over the place. If all of Halcali's recent material (going back to No Susume) indicated a general mood of "growing up", then why attach the new song to a show aimed at little girls? Even Eureka 7 had a mature anime feel about it. The answer is obviously because it's a popular show and it's advertising that requires no effort and takes care of itself. But iit's annoying that even after all this time, Sony still don't seem to understand what they have with Halcali, or what to do with them.

That said, hopefully the appearance will make the show big enough to pull enough new fans to the record shops to banish all thoughts of Twinkle Star's abysmal showing in the charts.

Since this single is coming out in December, it looks like album three won't be rolling out until early 2007 at least.

The show featuring LOOK will begin airing on Tokyo TV from October 7th.


Anonymous Novaforever said...

This is the best thing I've heard all day. I seriously needed this to cheer me up. Especially since my hard drive crashed yesterday and i lost my entire PV collection...

I'm excited that they are getting a new single. I'm going to preorder it as soon as possible. But at the same time I'm a little sad that it's for the PowerPuff Girls anime. They are gonna end up with a silly anime fanbase if they keep this up. But I guess it's all good if it gets people to buy more halcali!

3:45 PM

Anonymous cupcake bento said...

i cannot wait i have marked my calendar and started a countdown !!

7:03 AM

Anonymous beck said...

Great news! December seems so far off, though.

featuring the video to the song Gatachou
I thought the song they sang on Takeyama Teacher was called Ga to Chou (as in 'the moth and the butterfly') or am I wrong?

10:17 AM

Anonymous sora-kara said...

Preview is up on the site now.

Hm...the song sounds super-poppy.
Even more so than Tip Taps Tip.
But, I actually kinda like the preview...even if it is a tad noisey.
The Super Mario coin sound is fantastic though! :D

I'm definitely going to have to wait for the full song before making up my mind though.

Ga to Chou (as in 'the moth and the butterfly')
I think you're right:

3:59 PM

Blogger jariten said...

fixed! (the post below too...)

4:58 AM

Anonymous johnny said...

is the LOOK preview available anywhere in a different format?

11:30 AM


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