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Friday, October 14, 2005

Free time well spent

I don’t usually get a lot of free time at work, but today was different for some reason. Hiding behind the pretense of doing something constructive, I found Tower.jp’s promo for Tip Taps Tip. Mixed feelings followed.


Following their label change, here comes the first shot from female hip-hop unit Halcali! The title track was written by Yusuke Tanaka, familiar from Yuki’s album Joy, and marks a more ‘singing’ style of hip-hop. Showing a more melodious Halcali than we’ve ever seen, this ‘killer tune’ is nearly ready for release!
It’s also appearing as the ending theme for Eureka 7!

I’m not sure what to think. It sounds like the move to a bigger label is predictably going to bring about some changes. A more melodious Halcali isn’t something that I’m particularly excited to hear, and I really found Yuki’s (also on Epic) Joy of little or no interest. I can’t help but think that this killer tune is going to end up sounding like Crystal Kay.

It also looks like the character files and stickers are Eureka 7 related.


Anonymous Brian said...

Dear god no!-I have a horrible feeling this isn't going to be a change for the better-"Melodious Hip-Hop" indeed-Are Halcali going to sound like any other generic Middle of the Road MTV act I wonder?

10:34 AM

Anonymous Sora-Kara said...

I'm terrified that they're just going to become a generic hip-hop duo.

Dear god that would suck...


But we'll just have to wait and see....

9:03 PM

Anonymous qazmonster said...

you know. i think that it shouldn't be all that terrible if they head down the road in the future, of course i would be sad, but hey... what OTHER choice do they really have? they were made to be a "pop" (aka popularity aka contemporary) group. THE FACT IS, their OLD music will never change and I will still always love girigiri surfrider, hello hello alone, strawberry chips, etc etc...


8:44 AM

Blogger jariten said...

I doubt we'll see the likes of Tandem, or even Baby Blue! out of Halcali again. Thinking back, its seems hard to imagine that a manufactured pop band with an eye to producing hits ever came out with a single as uncommercially odd as Strawberry Chips. Epic is going to want the hits, the pop ballards, hell, they're probably looking for the next Bennie K. If they saw no commercial possibility in Halcali, why sign them? I do wonder where they'll fit though. They aren't cute or dumb enough to be Idols, and they aren't old enough for the 4REAL hip hop crowd.

1:33 AM

Anonymous Sora-Kara said...

maybe they'll do a bunch of commercially friendly songs, and a bunch of the old HALCALI stuff as b-sides and album filler, until the old style HALCALI stuff is what's popular!


8:40 PM


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