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Friday, October 07, 2005

Tip Taps Tip

More confusion? Bounce.com reports Halcali’s next release to be the song Tip Taps Tip, on Epic Records on December the 7th, making a total mystery of all the goings on (airplay for late September, new song finished last August, Twinkle Star?!) I’ve been reporting on over the last few weeks. And what about the switch to (ugh) Epic Records? It’s certainly a bit odd that they should mention playing the new song on their show then, after September has been and gone, fail to mention it again. What happened with For Life then? Is this song the same one we've been hearing whispers about, or was that one scrapped? Well, whatever the reason, it’s the switch that’s obviously behind this annoyingly long delay. In any case, Tip Taps Tip is certainly a better title than the one the old rumor suggested. The track is going to be used as the closing theme song to the early Sunday morning TBS anime Eureka 7. (Here’s a plot synopsis page for the show in English)

No news over at Epic, For Life, or (unbelievably) the official site yet. Thanks a million to gira for the update.

Another one: Brian lets me know that the single is already available for pre-order from cdjapan. Early pressings come with stickers and caracter(sic) files.


Anonymous Brian said...

I hope the delay with the single isn't due to Epic records reshaping the band for mass consumption,as often happens when a group move from an indie label to a major.Fingers crossed!

11:12 AM

Anonymous Brian said...

Just checked on CD Japan and the single is listed,though no track listing for the other songs-there's a first press available which includes "character files and stickers"

11:23 AM

Blogger jariten said...

I hope the delay with the single isn't due to Epic records reshaping the band for mass consumption

I think thats a fair concern, and i'm worried about what Halcali mk.2 will come out like (Epic is full of faceless cheese on toast music) but haven't Halcali always been shaped for mass consumption? At any rate, there was obviously more going on backstage than they were letting on to. You're right though, fingers crossed!

11:28 AM


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