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Thursday, September 08, 2005

Speaking of which

Have you heard the Boowy song B.BLUE which BABY BLUE! samples? I can't find an MP3 anywhere and it seems a waste to spend 3000 yen just to find out.


Anonymous Helcaraxy said...


you can listen to a sample streaming clip of BOOwY - B.Blue! there.

Real Audio Player

11:52 PM

Anonymous helcaraxy said...

also, check out the japanese wikipedia, which... haha.. has less info than the english version!


12:37 AM

Blogger jariten said...

Thanks for the BOOWY link. Yeah the Japanese wikipedia entry is poor. I mean, the English one was a bit odd in places (and apparantly transcribed by someone else) but at least it had some personality.

2:32 AM

Anonymous Sora-Kara said...

There's another (English) HALCALI wiki page here:

*done (mostly) by yours truly*

8:17 PM

Anonymous Helcaraxy said...

hey sora-kara, it is such a coincidence, because i was searching upon the web and i stumbled upon your entry..


not more than 2 days ago! :)

Halcali's taking over!

Let's Hope they get something done right with this new album.

If they can hit the charts (which they will, but how high) then maybe people will start to notice them.

Afterall they've been out of the loop for oh so long...

2:01 AM

Anonymous Helcaraxy said...

also, just a question:

do you guys listen to puffy amiyumi too?

3:03 AM

Blogger jariten said...

Afterall they've been out of the loop for oh so long...

Their Buzz Room diary talked about a new song this month, but theres no information on it in either Tower or HMV...now I suspect that when they said "you'll be able to hear it this month", they were just talking about playing it on their show (which, since i'm not in Tokyo, I can't even listen to).

Sora-Kara- Thanks for the link (and the mention). The more stuff like this, the better.

3:07 AM

Blogger jariten said...

do you guys listen to puffy amiyumi too?

No, although there was an interesting piece on them recently on Neomarxisme.


6:43 AM


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