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Saturday, October 08, 2005

Another Halcali cohort

The new album by Second Royal Records' Halfby (who wrote possibly my favourite Halcali song Queen of the Slopes, and remixed Giri Giri Surf Rider for the remix album), Green Hours is out now and it's great. Inventive sampling with the odd bout of rap weaved into insanely catchy (and certainly non-kitch, goodbye Mansfield) pop songs you'd have no qualms with dancing to. Yes, it's filed under club music but it's pop through and through. It's easily the most fun i've had with an album by a Japanese band since Harvard's Lesson. Put together with love and attention. I also got a free 1-track 'novelty CD' (so it says here) Your Adress(sic). Pick it up if you dare.

If you like that, next on your list should be Handsomeboy Technique's Adleie Land. Second Royal is turning (has turned?) into my new Escalator. There's certainly more warmth on the label than the computer-calcualted beats of Usagi-Chang Records anyway.


Anonymous Brian said...

Wow,this sounds great-I'm going to try and get hold of the CD as soon as possible.Thanks for the recommendation.

2:59 PM

Blogger jariten said...

Good to hear. Let me know what you think after you listen.

7:06 AM

Anonymous Brian said...

Well I got the CD yesterday and I LOVE it! Ridiculously catchy,inventive and,like you said,just lots of fun.Imagine a Halfy produced Halcali album,now that would be something.

11:33 AM

Blogger jariten said...

Yeah, that would be great, and considering he's worked with them in the past, theres no reason why it couldn't happen. Except Halfby's name on the credits probably isn't quite as appealing to Epic as the "hey I wrote songs for Yuki!" guy.

2:05 AM


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