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Sunday, September 18, 2005

Domoto Brothers

Looks like Yukari has managed to secure herself a regualar guest spot on Fuji TV's Sunday night music talk show (New) Domoto Brothers (新・堂本兄弟), the show hosted by bland Jpop stalwarts KinkiKids. I have to confess my ignorance here and admit that i've never actually seen this show, so i'm not in much of a position to comment on whether it's worse than all the other rubbish on Japanese TV. Regardless of all that, i'll be taking a look in October, when Yukari should be putting in her first appearance. Expect screencaps and translated snippets of Y's teenage smarts at about the same time.

Yukaris first appearance on the show has been penciled in for tomorrow night (29th), starting 7pm on Fuji TV as part of a 2 hour special introducing the new members to the show. Apparently this process of taking a group and inviting just one of them onto the show has been a long standing practice with Domoto Brothers, which might help to explain Harukas absence. Still though, you've got to wonder why they picked Y over H.


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