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Sunday, August 14, 2005

Soul Groove Party

What mysterious forces lie beyond our control? This is the question I asked myself after learning that Halcali are hitting the stage again this coming Tuesday (that's the 16th of August) at the rather awkwardly titled Soul Groove Party at Zepp in Nagoya. Alas, cruel fate conspires against me seeing my favourite Japanese band yet again (well, Halcali became my favourites since Harvard released a terrible second album), as I picked this week to head up north to Iwate-ken. It's troubling to see them at the bottom of the set again though. It doesn't take a member of Orange Range to work out that no new material = commercial death.

That's two gigs in a row i've missed out on now. If anyone else is lucky enough to get to see them, i'm all ears on how it went.


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