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Tuesday, May 24, 2005

(part 2)

9. Hello, Hello, Alone
Produced and arranged by Nathalie Wise/Words-BIKKE/Music-Hiroshi Takano, Tetsuya Saito

H I had never really heard any of BIKKE's raps or anything before, so the first time I heard this song I wasn't sure about how to approach it.

Y It was a shock to learn that we'd be doing this type of rapping too.

H but once i'd listened to BIKKE's other stuff, I figured out how the best way to sing it, the strong points of the song...

Y...And when to look up at the stars!

H All of BIKKE's songs seem to include some reference to star gazing. I suppose that means he likes them.

I thought that there were a lot of new elements in BIKKE's song that weren't really around in the other Halcali songs i'd heard before. I mean it felt a lot more personal and emotional. I thought that you might have been embarrased to sing it.

Y Well no, if we thought like that, we'd never be able to play live or anything. I do like the song.

I also really thought that BIKKE's song and the typical 'Halcali' image were miles apart. Don't you agree?

H No, not really. Out of all the producers who worked with us on the album, BIIKE treated us the best and had a good idea of what we were all about. We even played Game of Life with him on the New Year.

10. Styley, Styley
Produced by O.T.F/Words-RYO-Z (O.T.F)/Music-DJ FUMIYA (O.T.F)

Are you on a diet?

H No.

Y Me neither. But I want to lose weight.

H I like myself a little better when I doing things like going to the gym and working out. I don't lose any weight but because i've sweated so much it feels like I have!

Y I know! And don't you feel thinner in the morning before you've eaten breakfast?! I really like looking at my stomach then, I look so thin.

H I always pat it, like this "Ah, you aren't sticking out so much now are you?"!

Y I like thinking about going on a diet but I can never go through with it. I'm always hungry, so I always eat. But I really, really want to lose weight.

H I read "Losing weight is something that you have to apply yourself to everyday"

Y Where did you read that?

H In 'Seventeen'! (laughs)

11. Electric Sensei
(2nd single/released 2003/4/9)Produced by O.T.F/Words-RYO-Z (O.T.F)/Music-DJ FUMIYA (O.T.F)

This is a really 'hard' rap. It seems like a really basic thing to ask but, how did you get the knack of learning the lyrics?

Y We didn't. (laughs)

Yes but, you have to remember them when playing live though right?

H When we were recording could you remember all the words?

Y No I could'nt. I felt like I was always one step behind with the lyrics, they just wouldn't go in.

H But it got easier the more you sang it though, didn't it?

12. The Schoolyard at Midnight
Words and Music- Miho Moribayashi (hi-posi)

H Although we practiced the songs, we weren't really 'singing' at all, all we were doing was rapping. So when this came along, it felt like something new. It was a lot of fun to sing.

Y But I thought it was really difficult.

H Moribayashi's advice was "just feel like your strolling along...

Y ...and humming". That was the kind of image she wanted us to have in mind when we did it. "Sing like you're out for a stroll". But I just thought "What?! How am I supposed to do that?!"

They also talked about the Strawberry Chips single, which i'll get up as soon as i'm not stressed about moving back to Japan or job interviews. That Game of Life story was a bit odd, don't you think?


Anonymous Brian said...

Thanks for the translation,Have a look at this.. http://lx02.www.tsutaya.co.jp/shopping/marugoto/index.pl?pg_id=890

Halcali merchandise to search for on your Japan trip..shame there're no Tshirts as I really dont need a set of arm warmers.

12:03 PM

Blogger jariten said...

that stuff is ugly! and whos that weird girl with Haruka? I like the idea of a Halcali t-shirt, but i'm not sure i'd actually wear it.

5:25 PM

Anonymous Brian said...

I'd wear it-I have no shame!
Dunno which weird girl you mean-all I can see is a photo of Halcali modelling their collection of tat.

9:57 PM

Blogger jariten said...

I was just reffering to that awful photo of Yukari. and what on earth is a neck warmer? and how can it double as a hat? its all sold out though, sadly.

5:47 AM


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