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Saturday, June 11, 2005

After a brief lull

Although I've been busy scouring the land high and low for a new place to live (found one) and a job (got one), I did manage to devote a bit of my time to looking for other fan sites dedicated to you know who. Here's a good one. It's in Japanese, naturally, but it does seem to attract a fair amount of traffic. Although her discography section is well past its sell by date, have a look at the what's your favourite song off Ongaku? poll she set up (click on the vote link). Just above that are the results from the last 4 votes she conducted, and all are worth a gander. In order, then-

1- What colour suits Halcali best?
2- Who would you like to see Halcali collaborate with?
3- Where would you like Halcali to come to play live?
4- What's your favourite song off Bacon?

Before you race off to see what colour people would like to see H and Y decked out in (the winner was orange. By an amusingly overwhelming majority), it's interesting to note the song that gets top billing for Ongaku. O.T.F, take note.


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