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Thursday, July 07, 2005


The hearts’ still beating loud, kids! It looks as though Halcali are putting out Ongaku No Susume again to celebrate it hitting the 100,000 sales mark. And this time it’s got a brand shining new non-pakuri cover! Do you remember all that kerfuffle from a while ago? Well, the news over at Neomarxisme is that Nagi Noda is actually getting sued over that rather upsetting theft (upsetting for me anyway. I loved that cover) she made for her Susume cover. It's not too much of a stretch to imagine that these two incidents are related, and i'm happy that Halcali have distanced themselves from it. Naturally, this also means that yesterdays “where have Halcali gone?” concern (which was genuine) has been reduced somewhat with this news. Is it too much to hope that a new single is on the horizon? Guys?

The official site has a decent-ish picture of the new cover, but no details as to when it's out.


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