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Sunday, July 10, 2005


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Spurred into action by a recent post on Marxy's blog (again), I stumbled across the debut single by Halcali-lites do-nuts (渚のGO-GO GIRL!). All the signs are there- the two girls are teenage, the song lifts lyrics straight out of Giri Giri Surf-Rider and the video feels like the director wanted to copy the look of old Halcali PV's but didn't have the talent to do it. It shouldn't surprise you then that the girl on the left up there (MC Eriko- COME ON) looks almost exactly like Haruka. More information from Neomarxisme- this copycat band is none other than the brainchild of pakuri-supremos Orange Range (on their very own Spice label). All of which makes you wonder- Orange Range have stepped up to fill in the obvious gap left by a derth of new Halcali material, but shouldn't Halcali already have stepped up to plug that gap themselves?

I originally found the single while wandering past a tiny record shop in that shopping labyrinth that winds its way under Nagoya station. The strange thing is that I haven’t been able to find it anywhere since, not only is it absent from HMV and Tower, but a couple of the smaller chains that I’ve checked out too. Strangely for a band of this type, I’ve yet to see them on TV either. Commercial suicide?


Blogger Peter said...

very true .. prime time for copy cats now .. but i have to admit that i like the donuts stuff quite some

wonder what kind of album they might put together

any idea if there is a new DVD (of the second set of single PVs) is supposed to come out ??

heading to TYO in a few days ... SHOPPING

6:56 PM

Blogger jariten said...

I sort of wanted to dislike the single (which comes across pretty well in my post). Really though, although it does have that sheen of something thats been over-produced, it is insanely catchy.

I don't know about a new DVD. Theres not been a peep out of the Halcali camp for ages.

1:44 AM


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