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Saturday, May 07, 2005

Quick Japan

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us"21世界のポップスターハルカリ (Halcali- popstars for the 21st Century)"

Way back in May last year volume 54 of QuickJapan was more or less entirely dedicated to Halcali. As well as a comprehensive interview there's a smattering of other fun stuff like H and Y's commentary on Halcali Bacon and their PV's, information on Halcali's collaborators and instructions on how to dance to Strawberry Chips. I'm back in Japan in three weeks and I don't have much to do before then except tap my feet so I decided to put up some of the more interesting stuff for you to look at. I'll have to leave the dance steps to your imagination though, as sadly I don't have a scanner. Watch the video though, you can work it out.


Anonymous Brian said...

Back in Japan in 3 weeks-you lucky git!

6:46 PM

Anonymous Brian said...

oh,and check this out http://www.barks.jp/watch/?id=1000002668
If you haven't already seen it...

6:55 PM

Blogger jariten said...

no i hadn't seen that before. i thought they were going to sing continued at one point but then they seemed to back out... anyway thanks for the link.

7:25 PM

Anonymous erikhw said...

I remeber that magazine! I was in Japan last May and wanted to buy it, but eventually didn't because I don't read Japanese... :)

11:49 AM


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