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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

'New' song- Re: Yasashii Kimochi


HALCALI made new tune "Re: Yasashii Kimochi (Re:やさしい気持ち)" that was boldly sampled Chara's famous piece "Yasashii Kimochi (やさしい気持ち)". The tune was selected as the image song of "RADIO CHARITY MUSICTHON" which will be broadcasted for 24 hours from noon on December 24th.

They also say that it will be released on CD next February. Seems like an odd choice for a single, so perhaps a b-side or an album track?

Here's the original tune for those who haven't heard it.


Anonymous gilgameHEARTS said...

Awesome! Because this song has a great beat. I can see a good winter themed song of HALCALI coming from this.
Strawberry Chips part two, prease?

PS, HALCALI's site mentions this as well. I think that's where natalie.mu got it from.

2:34 PM

Anonymous sssito said...

I kinda like it ( the beat ) ... that girl in that video looks wack

7:53 AM

Blogger Mokona said...

I love Chara (and Halcali even more). It's a fantastic song, and very Chara, but I can't wait to hear their take on it!

4:58 PM

Anonymous amj said...

Release date is Feb 11th:


3:42 PM


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