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Thursday, December 11, 2008

New Single Out February 11th

Now this is more like it! Two new singles 3 months apart, its how the pop charts are meant to be tackled.

Re: Yasashi Kimochi (b/w Orange Sunset) will be released on February 11th.

Your guess is as good as mine about this song "inspired" by (meaning heavily sampling) the Chara tune (scroll down for the YT video), but I like this steady flow of releases!

To help with promotion, the single will also be the 'image song' for the 34st charity radio broadcast Radio Musicthon which will be broadcast for 24 hours from 24th-25th of December.


Anonymous julia said...

here's the video!

12:45 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

that video was a big shock to me.

dont know what to say. This is a very different from Halcali songs im used to. Some points i cant even recognize their voices.

Im not saying its bad, but this is very different stuff. Even the video is a break from the norm. I think it will take a few listens for me to make a full opinion on it.

Julia thanks for the post but the link didnt work but just did a search on




Thanks a bunch : )

5:33 PM

Anonymous Cobs said...

I have to say, it's different but I like it. Hopefully the b-side will be a quirky "old style" halcali track. I can see why they would want to release this as a single as it's quite easy listening and might help increase their fan base, hopefully they'll be able to release a classic style halcali single in the future.

10:53 PM


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