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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Long Kiss Good Bye PV

Here it is!

While the video is a bit lacking in imagination, the song itself is wonderful, with the kind of instantly loveable chorus that makes you immediately want to listen to it again after its four minutes are up. How long has it been since I've said anything like that about one of their new singles? Far, far, far too long. Welcome back, Halcali!

Here's hoping this pop gem makes its presence felt in the charts!


Anonymous julia said...

Yeah... sora kara said it was lacking something and I kinda thought that too but I didn't know what...
but a bit imagination is lacking, yes.

But I still love they parts when they're moving (or dancing...?) when the hoodies glow in the dark.

It's not my favorite PV (I think that's Tandem) but I like it way better than Tip Taps Tip and LOOK.

Well sure it is a good song and all but I want Halcali to stop with the anime themes.
I don't like their label.
I think they should switch.
I just hope there's another GREAT label that's willing to signing them.
(Why did they switch?)

12:38 PM

Anonymous julia said...

the parts.

12:40 PM

Anonymous julia said...

oh your welcome by the way if you found the video from my link (I kinda guess you did because it's the same video I linked).

but I just want to say this:
HALCALI wasn't made for anime themes.

12:43 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

It is a bit bland, but I think it fits the mood for the song. I really love the light up hoodies and their colorful outfits in general.

Also I second the person above me's comment: HALCALI isn't really made for anime themes.

10:51 PM

Anonymous julia said...

their outfits are pretty nice, yes.

yeah, isn't.
I wrote wasn't because I meant that they wasn't made for anime themes from the beginning and they aren't made for anime themes now either.

1:18 AM

Anonymous Novaforever said...

I honestly think that the PV suits the song perfectly. Yeah, it lacks imagination, but the song is a lot slower than most HALCALI songs so it all works out. Personally I dig the imagery, and while it might not be the most exciting thing in the world it just seems to scream 'HALCALI' to me. It's probably the hoodies. Which are fantastic.

I really think this PV has the ability to bring them back!

1:04 PM

Anonymous koolikeplastic said...

i agree that they shouldnt do anime themes.
overall, i think this is a good song, but to me its doesnt make me think of the classic HALCALI i first started listening to, you know? like... its not the same anymore...
maybe their new singles will bring back that feeling for me...

3:32 AM

Blogger Heywood Mogroot said...

I'm a seeder for the version that's on JPS now . . .

Gotta say Haruka is lookin' pretty goood.

Man I miss Tokyo, especially this time of year.

5:53 AM

Anonymous julia said...

oh well. it IS a anime theme.

zig zag saturday night isn't though. I wonder what happend to it?

heywood mogroot:
you miss and I wish...
I wish to go to Tokyo. Or somewhere in Japan.

6:58 PM

Anonymous SITO said...

ZOMG - YUCALI HAS BANGS !! <3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3

2:30 AM

Blogger jhonny said...

i heard the song for the first time just now, with the PV. i like it. i'm not totally crazy for it yet, but it's catchy and sweet and i think it'll grow on me. nice work, halcali! i'm ridiculously excited about what's next.

12:03 AM

Blogger ssslithe said...

I agree with some of you that the video fits the song just right: bland song, bland video. I think I'll just pretend this release didn't happen...

12:48 PM

Blogger gogojimmy said...

wow, i actually thought they were 'gone'.
it's so nice to see them back!
and like everyone else, yes, it's a little bleh but it suits the song.
and oh my o_o those hoodies?!!

9:01 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

New Halcali news:

New song is called "Re: Yasashii Kimochi" and is a remake of/sampled from Chara's "Yasashii Kimochi".

They will also play another live event with a bunch of other artists on December 18.

3:41 AM

Blogger jariten said...


11:04 AM

Anonymous Hasuko said...

Hi everybody ! =D

Well jariten, you seem to be very happy of this new song, nice! ;p
According to me, even if this song still pretty cute (yeah the chorus are great ! ^^) i don't think it was the best choice to let it be a single ; i agree with the other comments : it lacks something in it to let something in memory (<< arf, i don't know how to express it well... ^^") So, i don't really recognize Halcali in this song in fact~ ='/ It is an anime song so they may don't have to take any "risks" (to please to most people) i think...
By the way, i have the single ! Did you heard "FLASH" ???!! =DDD OW MY GAD ! i'm not disapointed at all, i was sure that RAM RIDER do something very great on this track 8D This amazing song is better than "Long kiss goodbye" according to me :3 The electro-rap verses are so great ! They remind me a little bit those of "Cyborg Oretachi" =D

Goodbye !! ^_^

2:44 PM

Anonymous muckamuck said...

It's probably because of the tie-in, but the single has gotten HALCALI some of the better CD sales in a while, which was in the Oricon's #30s range on its first day. By November 19th, we should be able to see how it fared for the week.

That being said, I think "Long Kiss Good Bye" is alright. It's got a nice catch but the chorus still has a sort of ho-hum feeling to it. "FLASH" is really where the single shines though. I have to agree with hasuko that it carries the "Cyborg Oretachi" sound to it, except the music backing the verses is not quite as repetitive and is incredibly layered with sounds and synths. Personally, I think it's got the kind of drive I've been waiting for in a HALCALI song. Chorus aside, it's total butter, maybe even A-side material.

5:21 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Long kiss good bye" is alright track to listen to.

"Flash" is a wicked tune with the rap verses reminding me why Halcali are different to other JPop groups.

I do sometimes worry that Halcali are going going down the anime pop route. But songs like "flash" reminds me that the old school Halcali are still around but just evolved.

1:03 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I love this song. It was so perfekt when it the ending song in Naruto Shippuuden <3<3 My favourite song. Can you buy the sweaters from somewhere? I want one :)

10:49 PM


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