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Thursday, January 10, 2008

Official site on Paris gig

The official site has finally caught up with the rest of the internet (in the press release they also acknowledge the Houchi Shinbun article that broke the story which I translated below) in announcing Halcali’s Paris plans. They also add some more concrete details about the gig. We know a lot of this already, but let’s put it up for confirmation purposes.

Cyborg Oretachi (French Version) release date: January 24th

Date- January 26th
Venue- Qin Elysees
Doors- 6:30pm Stage- 8:00pm
Price- 22 Euros
Tickets- Fnac website, alternatively tickets will be sold on the door

Its worth noting that this official announcement, while acknowledging the Houchi article, doesn’t address two other things it brought up: namely Cyborg’s U.S release and Chicago gig, and the second gig they said Halcali would be playing in Cannes.

22 Euros is about 16 pound 50, (which seems just above average for a moderately famous band in the U.K), and about 3,500 yen (which seems slightly cheaper than the average extortionate price people are expected to pay for gigs in Japan).

There’s also no word on if ‘French version’ means it’ll come with extras (other tracks, DVD etc.) or not, but lets hope so!

Is anyone thinking of picking this French version up, or, even better, going to the gig? Something else you might like to think about is something Hasuko mentioned- apparently there will be some kind of transport strike around the time the gig is going to be held. Could spell trouble?


Anonymous Cobs said...

Being from the South of England, France almost seems close enough for me to go see them. I wish it was more towards the summer though, i wouldn't be able to convince any of my friends to go to France just for this!

10:23 PM

Anonymous Novaforever said...

Totally not related to the France gig, but Halcali was just officially announced as the musical guest for Anime Central in Chicago. Not a big shocker after that newspaper article, but yay it's official!

6:01 AM

Anonymous Troy said...

Even tho I've just made the depressing calculation that 20+19 is less than my present age, I've simply GOT to go to this Chicago show.

I caught DCT's live in the Fillmore in 2002, being stage-mae for an hour+ set was mind-blowing, and I want to see Halcali a LOT more than any other j-pop act right now, 'cept maybe for hitomi, or the re-formed X-Japan.

9:54 AM

Blogger jariten said...

cobs- It's frustrating for me, I'm in Japan and still can't seem to get the chance to see them! (That odd radio appearance aside of course)

novaforever- Thanks for the heads up!

troy- Don't worry, I don't think I exactly fall into Halcali's demographic either! If you go, any photos/reporting/anything will be more than welcome.

1:47 PM

Anonymous amj said...

There is a PDF file up on the Midem site which lists HALCALI as one of four acts appearing at this years event as part of the Japan showcase.

Monday, 28th January, start 1800 hours. Not open to the public, it's an music industry only affair.


2:40 PM

Blogger jariten said...


3:46 AM

Anonymous duncan said...

I've booked a seat on the Eurostar, so I certainly hope to be at the concert on Saturday

9:12 AM

Anonymous ica ross said...

The european version of Cyborg Oretachi is said to include one extra song (don't know which one).
Plus, at the Qin gig, with the ticket you buy, you can have an autograph from the band after the show.
Source: JaME (http://www.jame-world.com/fr/).
BTW, if you haven't seen it yet:

12:01 AM


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