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Sunday, January 27, 2008

Did you see them in Paris? (Bonus question included!)

For anyone lucky enough to have caught them live in Paris last night, we'd love a few words about the gig for those of us who missed out.

About that French release of the album- according to Halcali's official web site, it was supposed to have been released on the 24th of January. According to JaMe, JVStore will be releasing it, but I can't find any information on it. Worse, you might have noticed that JaME contradicts the official word with a "exact date not available".

I originally assumed that a French release would mean it being distributed and sold throughout France/Europe via regular record shop channels as well as on-line, but so far there has been absolutely no sign of it, including over at France's biggest CD retailer FNAC.

Halcali's effort to flog themselves to overseas buyers takes place tomorrow (28th) at the Cannes MIDEM event.


Anonymous duncan said...

I was at the Paris concert, it was very good; worth the short trip over from London. The program mentioned a seance and j-pop videos. In french a seance is just the word for a meeting, and the only videos were the three from Cyborg Oretachi, played over and over all night, even when the group were performing!
Over one hundred fans turned up (maybe 150, I wasn't really counting) and Halca and Yucali, supported by their DJ/mixer (I forget his name)had everyone dancing and jumping around. They performed all the songs from the new album, then finished with Girigiri Surfrider and Tandem [heart]
After the concert, three lucky raffle winners had their picture taken with the girls and everyone who bought a T-shirt had a chance to meet them and have it signed.
They weren't selling any other merchandise (no new CD).

10:42 AM

Blogger ybart said...

I got the information the day just before the show and was really excited about being able to see Halcali performing.

The show was really entertaining and fun as everybody were dancing, singing and shouting. The performance of artists was way more fun (to me) than it is in the album. For example Koi no BUN BUN BUN was really entertaining during the show, but it is not to me in the album.

As a T-Shirt buyer, I had the chance to greet them and exchange a few words with Haruka and Yukari (and of course was really happy about it).

However the event was not well organized (they say that everyone would be able to have an item signed, but in fact it was only for T-Shirt buyers, the entry price was 20 instead of 19, etc.)

I tried to get information about the release date but was not able to get something more precise than 'in one month or so'

6:08 PM

Blogger jariten said...

Sounds like the rest of us missed a great show!

What was the capacity of the venue would you say? Did it look sold out?

Shame about the confusion with the signatures though. I wish someone in charge would clear up this release date thing too. I thought that getting it out before the gig would have made a lot more sense personally.

ybart- If you could take a picture of the t-shirt to show us that would be great!

2:47 PM

Blogger ybart said...

No, there was definitely room in the place.

To me, the problem is not related to Halcali popularity, but it is definitely because of the lack of the communication from the organization.

For example, I don't specially look for this kind of event but has subscribed to Japan Expo newletter. I was only informed about the event the day before the event.

The real problem is that we need to spread the word about Halcali everywhere, and not only in the usual place.

I'm worried about the fact that the event might not be financially OK. The trip alone might have cost about 600 €/people in the team. The ticket was 20€, and a part should have returned to the bar. Even if there were 150 or 200 people around, and they sold some T-shirt, this appears to be definitely not enough...

I doubt they will return in these conditions. I will try to talk with organizers to get more info about this.

Concerning the album, the only thing we can do for the moment is to wait. I bet the main problem is a distribution problem as jpop is not well distributed at all in France (only in specialized shop). From what I saw, they are looking for using traditionnal channels for that. And they must spend a lot of time in negotiation.

Even if lot of people considered there was a lot of people, I really wish there were more...

Concerning the T-shirt, here are the requested photos : http://www.flickr.com/photos/23245990@N02/

5:26 PM

Anonymous Hasuko said...

Well, i finally couldn't me too go to the show !! =D (i wouldn't to tell you that since i be sure 100%, i was to scare about hypotethical troubles but finally it was allright the 26th ^^)
i think everything has been said, show was very great and i also think that some songs sound more great during the show than in the album ("koi no bun bun bun", "harukari michi"). They also sang an unknown song that i didn't recognize o_ô (maybe the exclusive french-version album track ! =D)
The ambience was great and THERE WERE FOOD ! (ow yeah ! xDDDD)
I could me too talk to Harukari and Yukari during the dedicate of the t-shirt and there are very cute ! hasu in mode fangirl on/omg ! i could talk to them !!/hasu in mode fangirl off. I love them more now ! they are so cool with their fans~
The name of the DJ was DJ [LONGCHAN] i think... (i remember it phonetically sorry so i may be wrong ^^'), he was so cool, and we could get his autograph too !! :p
But, i was me too worry about the fact that the show wasn't very good organize; i'd like to be prevented that we had to buy t-shirts to get a dedicate (i had taken more money <_<) and cd weren't in sale =/ Moreover, talking about the "Ongaku no Susume" album , i couldn't find it yet in sale in cd stores !! o_ô

PS/ here's the photo of the t-shirt with halcali et DJ LONGCHAN's autograph ^^ :

Gros Bisous ! Bye bye ! =3

6:05 PM

Anonymous Patrick said...

Just got this info in an email, a French TV channel (I guess) with Halcali specials throughout the week. Passing the word.



Cette semaine sera spéciale Halcali sur la chaîne Nolife!!

Au programme:

Mercredi dans 101% (19h/22h/1h) : Tôkyô Café au Quin pendant le live de
Jeudi dans 101% (19h/22h/1h) : OTO avec un dossier Halcali.
Vendredi dans 101% (19h/22h/1h) : reportage sur le concert.

Merci de votre soutien!


1:31 AM

Blogger ybart said...

This channel is broadcasted only via DSL.

I will try to cover the event and sub the videos in english especially for help the buzz spreading.

The first video is encoding right now and should appear in my YouTube profile in one hour or so...


The Halcali part on this one is quite short (3 minutes from the end), but the overall video can give you an opinion about the style of the TV channel.

2:33 AM

Anonymous duncan said...

The DJ is called DJ NON-chan NONちゃん - See a few paris pictures on his blog page.

They tried a few words in french: bonjour... er bonsoir, merci, merci boucoup and vive la France :)

9:15 AM

Blogger ybart said...

First video online at least (just an introduction, and making of; not the real stuff, but they appears) :


Thanks to Nolife team.

11:17 AM

Blogger ybart said...

Direct link : http://fr.youtube.com/watch?v=lOSqbeeynRo

11:18 AM

Blogger jariten said...

ybart- Fantastic! I'll put it in the blog, and add more as you upload them. Seriously, thank you so much for taking the time to do this.

Patrick- thanks for the information!

Hasuko- sounds like you had a great time! Thanks for the picture of the t-shirt too. Fingers crossed for that bonus track to be something unreleased.

12:51 PM

Blogger ybart said...

You're welcome !

It's my pleasure to share the wonderful time I had ! And furthermore, this deserve Halcali. ;-). I hope subtitles are not too small...

8:13 PM


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